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Dental Veneers?

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AdiVic Tue 30-Apr-13 13:25:28


Not sure if this is the right place to post but hey. Years ago, I chipped 1/2 my front tooth of diagonally. It was temporarily replaced by filling material, and I was told to get it capped at 18. I am now 39. This morning I went to have it replaced as it had worn down and my tooth was at a slant, and felt weird. The dentist was clearly distracted and ended up drilling the healthy part of the tooth away and patching up the wrong side - so I have a weird looking wonky tooth, complete with diagonal slantsad

A while ago another dentist suggested veneers, but due to the upkeep and hassle, advised against it.

My maternity exemption runs out May 26th, and I can only find another dentist for 5th Junesad

Any experience of veneers?

Normally I would complain, but I was bloody speechless staright fter and just wanted to get out - there is no way I am letting him anywhere near my teeth ever again, so do not want to go back to get him to put it right - now that he has drilled healthy tooth away not sure what next move would be?

Any advice???

Lovemynailstoday Tue 30-Apr-13 15:45:31

Love love love my veneers. Had them done 20 years ago and they are still going strong. Subsequent dentists have told me they will "de-bond" someday, but it's not happened yet. Try to find someone who does lots of cosmetic work and knows how to colour match. Teeth are never pure white in real life!

AdiVic Tue 30-Apr-13 16:00:43

Thank you - will do. Hmmm, wondering how much will costsad I would go and ask the guy who mucked this one up, but if he can't get the right side done, i doubt he'll be any good at veneers!

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