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What have I done?! Sudden pain in foot.

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Birdy28 Tue 30-Apr-13 10:27:45

I woke up this morning with a pain in the ball of my right foot. It's a bit sore when resting but I can't put weight on it and I am only just managing to get around by walking around on the edge of my foot although this is still causing me some pain.

The pain when I put pressure on my foot is almost like a sudden sharp burning pain and it is worse when I put more pressure on the side of my foot nearest my big toe.

I'm really intrigued (and in a fair amount of pain) as all was well when I went to bed last night so unless I have started sleep walking again I have no idea why this has suddenly come on this morning.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be and best treatment? Am at work so hard to keep it elevated. If its still not easing up by tonight should I try a walk in centre (getting a GP appointment is a nightmare) or will they think I'm bonkers as there is no obvious cause (e.g. having an accident/broken bone) for the pain? blush

Footle Tue 30-Apr-13 19:21:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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