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Excessive Sweating in a Toddler

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Janbo25 Wed 17-May-06 21:13:00

My ds is 16 months old and he seems to be sweating constantly, I picked him up from nursery today and they said they had to sponge him down because he had got that sweaty and checked his temp numerous times to make sure he wasn't running a fever (as he suffers from febrile convulsions)he's also the same every night in bed. I s this normal or should I be mentioning it to the gp, I was wondering whether it could be connected in any way to his convulsions??

sallycinnamon Thu 18-May-06 09:57:24

Without sounding rude are you or his dad sweaty? The reason I ask is that my dd is also very sweaty- much more so than other children her age. My dh also breaks into sweat very easily so I'm sure it must be a genetic thing (why is it we always seem to inherit the less pleasant things!)Is he sweating when he's just resting or is it after activity? My dd also suffered with febrile convulsions when she has a high temp.

EvesMama Thu 18-May-06 10:01:10

my dd is wet through the night with sweat.
tends to be as shes 'going' to sleep and cools down later?
her dad used to be the same and only the last few years has it stopped??
sorry cant explain in but it worries me too!

foxinsocks Thu 18-May-06 10:02:21

yes I would mention it to the GP especially if it happens during the day and night (and it's not from overdressing etc.)

Marina Thu 18-May-06 10:02:51

I would get him checked over by a GP Janbo, just to be on the safe side.
What is his health like otherwise? Does he often get chest infections/colds that give him the febrile convulsions?
How is his digestion?
And how long has this sweatiness been happening? It has been quite humid lately and I know dd's nursery is always is so warm in there.
Also and finally () how is he dressed for bed...dd kicks off all coverings and seems to be able to sleep all night just in cotton PJs and with a window slightly open. I think it is normal for children to have a higher basal temperature than adults and also there must be some variations on that amongst children...
But do discuss it with your GP just in case, especially if this is a long-term problem.

Janbo25 Thu 18-May-06 19:39:21

I must admit my dh does tend to easily get a sweat on so like a few of you mentioned it may be hereditary, however ds gets a sweat on at the slightest of things and then he is very clammy, I am just wondering whether it could be connected with his convulsions, as suffers fairly complex convultions which last for around 10mins which I believe is a long time. He had his first convullsion in Nov and was having them regularly up until March (approx 14 times) however touch wood he's been fine since then and not had a temp.

He sleeps in just a t-shirt and a summer grobag, because when he's gone to bed with anything more on he's woke in the night to hot.

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