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Mirena coil, high blood pressure with chills etc

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smoothie Mon 29-Apr-13 17:17:55

Does anyone have experience with the mirena raising blood pressure? I had lots of blood tests including thyroid last month because I was feeling hot and cold with palpitations. Again the symptoms have arrived back and after looking in my diary I've noticed this appearance is always 3 - 4 days before my period. My blood pressure has shot up and although I have in the past had notoriously low readings the doctor thinks there shouldn't be a connection and is suggesting symptoms are pre-menopausal.
I initially had the coil put in 6 months ago due to a sudden change in periods which were heavy with clots. A biopsy was done and all came back well.
I've decided I want the mirena out as I am convinced there is a link but this will mean going back to heavy periods... however after weighing up the options I think I would rather this then how I'm feeling now.
I also feel this 'only localised in the womb' regarding hormones response from doctors is bollocks.
Has anyone had any similar symptoms?

smoothie Mon 29-Apr-13 17:31:47

I'm 38 so a bit surprised to hear symptoms could be pre menopausal..

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