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Fibromyalgia - does anyone have it?

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saltire Wed 17-May-06 20:47:41

Hi, just wondering if anyone has Fibromyalgia, and if so, what are the symptoms?
For years (about 12)I've had pain in my joints, muscles and sometimes the bones, which has got progressively worse. It started off in my shins, but now affects my knees, shins, ankles, toes, shoulders, arms from shoulder to elbow, and elbow to wrist and hands and fingers! The pain isn't there all the time, i can go a few weeks without a flare up, and when it does flare, not everywhere is affected. Recently when the pain has been in my legs and feet its started to affect my mobility, i find i'm limping and draggin my feet slightly. I also get very cold with it, or clammy hot, and have problems sleeping. I have seen a rheumatologist who told me i had flat feet! The last one told me i had Chronic pain syndrome, but according to medical books you only get that in one limb, usually one which has been broken or had some sort of trauma.
I take Tylex for the pain, which really does no good apart from making me drowsy. Was back at GP today who told me to wait till i go back to the rheumatologist in August!

Anyway, i just wondered if this sound like Fibromyalgia, as i feel i'm getting nowhere and no one seems to take me seriously about the severity of the pain. Sorry if i've waffled a bit.

foxinsocks Wed 17-May-06 22:31:46

how weird, I thought this was my thread. I'll link you back to my fibromyalgia thread - fibromyalgia - anyone suffer from it

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