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What does this sound like?

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Limelight Sun 28-Apr-13 20:16:20

I've been having body aches, tiredness, wooziness in the evening on and off for about a fortnight.

I saw my GP on Tues who tested my urine and found blood and also sent me off for blood tests. He thinks it's possible that the wooziness could be caused by the UTI. He prescribed antibiotics and said to come back if things didn't improve.

They haven't really. I feel pretty 'fluey' and am having periods of being incredibly cold too. So much so that I rang OOH last night. He said that because I didn't have a temp I didn't need to do anything last night but that it was possible I had a kidney infection.

Today I'm still feeling ropey. Another bout of being very cold but with no temperature. This evening however I'm warm enough but have a temperature - high 37s /sometimes 38.

So what do we think it is? Kidneys? UTI? Anaemia? I think I probably shouldn't rush off to A&E or anything tonight but try and see a dr in the morning. Does that seem right?

Limelight Sun 28-Apr-13 20:17:52

Posted this twice by mistake. See other thread.

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