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Cervical biopsy when does the bleeding stop afterwards??

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Maisiemoo13 Sun 28-Apr-13 10:53:31

Hi everyone, I went for my colposcopy 10 days ago after recieving an abnormal smear test result, three biopsys were taken and I am still bleeding as a result

Wondering if anyone has experience and how long this can go on for , I think there are different ways of them taken a biopsy mine being the simple type ... I just thought it would be a wound and this ongoing bleeding means its not healing :s any advice or experiences welcome

anywinewilldo Sun 28-Apr-13 21:06:02

Hi. I posted a similar thread a while back. I ended up going back to the colposcopy clinic about a week after having the biopsies taken as I was still having a blood-stained watery discharge. It wasn't bright red blood though - just pink/brown stained and mucousy.

They checked everything was ok and I think the discharge petered out several days later.

If you are still seeing bright red blood, I would go back to the clinic - the biopsy sites might need cauterising.

Sheshelob Sun 28-Apr-13 21:16:42

I've had three and each one was different. One bled for a day, the next for 3 days and the last for a week. I think it bleeds more the more clips they take. I had two the first couple of times and then 3, which might explain why that one bled the most.

As long as you are following their aftercare advice it should just peter out with no problems.

If you are worried, best to phone the clinic. They are usually very helpful and sensitive to concerns.

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