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Fanjo advice needed.

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mothersdaughter Sun 28-Apr-13 09:16:40

I am at my wits end with it!

I have had thrush probably 10 in the last year since I had DC2.

Been to the dr and been given the usual cream and pesseries. Had 2 lots of antibiotics for tonsillitis earlier in the year and have had it since then.

DH has no symptoms, but was treated too just in case.

My fanjo is red and itchy all the time, with soreness extending right back to my bum. I have thick yellow discharge, a bit like ovulation discharge but yellow not white/clear.

I have a drs appointment on Wednesday again. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar and actually it never was thrush at all?


MyPlugInBaby Sun 28-Apr-13 09:39:23

Have you tried the fluconazole tablet? If it is thrush that should help, I was plagued with thrush all through my last pregnancy and 1 dies of this as soon as he was born cleared it up. Also could be bacterial vaginosis? I'd be making sure they took swabs to see exactly what it is.

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