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Any emetophobes out there - therapy and sympathy (Long)

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RubyrooUK Sat 27-Apr-13 21:30:49

Fellow emetophobes, please come keep me company. I am pretty level headed in general and have few anxieties except a ridiculous fear of vomiting. I can deal with blood, urine, poo and so on with ease....vomiting, however, makes me ridiculously stressed. Ridiculously stressed.

Now DS (2.7) has a vomiting bug. DH is sleeping with him in his bed tonight to keep an eye on him while I'm breastfeeding 6 week old DS2 in our room.

I am trying not to freak out but screamed when DS1 vomited earlier. I have been stressed about this happening ever since nursery mentioned a D&V bug going round on Thursday.

Even when DS2 spits up milk from overeating, I honestly want to throw him aside and run straight to the shower. I obviously don't do this as I love him more than me, but I do feel extreme revulsion and worry about it every time
I feed him. I am also feeling stressed at sleeping without DH tonight as I won't be able to get anyone else to clean up if DS2 is sick (see how my mind is now working?).

The ironic thing is that DS1 rarely gets stomach bugs (it must be over a year since last time) and DS2 only spits up every so often. I have probably been sick less than 10 times ever.

Now all I can think about is "what if DS1 is still sick on Monday when DH goes back to work?" and "what if DS2 gets it?" and "what if I get it?" over and over. Not in an idle way but in a mega stressed way, playing over and over in my head.

Anyway, I'm just posting for a bit of emetophobic support really. If you think I'm being a fruitcake about this, you are of course quite right. grin

I have never been to the GP about this as it doesn't rear its head often but I was wondering if anyone had any successful therapy that helped them over it? DH is going away for a few work trips over the next few months and it would be nice not to stress in this way....

idiot55 Sat 27-Apr-13 21:39:03

Emmetophobe here, completly understand.

What to think of is , that you will get through this, it will be over soon.

non emmetophobes will laugh at this, but i keep a vomiting kit in the bathroom, mask, gloves, bleach bucket etc!!

I have had lots of CBT, for it but nothing has "cured" me but I am better than I used to be, my panic tonight is that my 4 year old felt sick, went v pale this am and had diarrhea and is asleep in bed now, my ears are constantly listening for her vomiting.

You are not alone, I wish someone sould remove the part of my brain that behaves in this way. sounds like your Dh is supportive.

there is an emmetophobe thread somewhere on here.

remmeber, you will get through this. xx

RubyrooUK Sat 27-Apr-13 21:46:09

Thanks Idiot, what an lovely post. <weeps a bit>

The minute DS was sick tonight, DH was there caressing his hair and taking off his wet clothing. I was meanwhile grabbing the Dettox spray and a plastic box for DS1 to aim into. The poor child was still crying and I was spraying the Dettox around him. I am so embarrassed. blush

DH is very supportive but I don't think he realises how much it affects me. He jokes that I always pass him DS2 to burp in case he's sick. He is of course dead right. I am doing exactly that.

Sorry you are also stressing. I must look out the support thread on here. Normally I just forget about it except at a low level (hoping DS2 doesn't spit up in a bit too fervent way). But tonight I am in full panic mode.

And I keep thinking of how DS kissed me and the baby on the lips numerous times yesterday and today...argh.

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Sat 27-Apr-13 21:47:50

Emetophobe thread, join in if it helps.

A freshly washed hand to hold from here. I know some people find CBT helpful. I haven't tried it but probably should. I am only worried really about me getting it. If I knew the ill person isn't contagious it doesn't bother me. But the usual bugs? I don't really cope. And I feel extra stupid for not coping, and so on. But the thread is good for support.

RubyrooUK Sat 27-Apr-13 21:51:46

Thanks MoaningMinge (great name).

I will pop over to that thread now and have a

idiot55 Sat 27-Apr-13 22:21:35

my eldest is 9 and I have been emmetophobic since she was one, both my kids seems to be used to me panicking with my dettol spray, bleach etc, washing of hands, it has become a bit of a joke in the family.

I remember kissing my daughter in bed and about 20 mins later she was sick ( I didnt catch it!)

idiot55 Sun 28-Apr-13 09:29:01

how are things this morning Ruby?

RubyrooUK Sun 28-Apr-13 10:06:32

Poor DS1 was sick in the night. He has now had some cereal but is mainly crying and watching TV clinging to DH.

I feel awful because if he had a cold, I would be completely all over him, kissing him and hugging him. But because of the vomiting, I'm keeping my distance and I feel like such a failure as a mum. DH meanwhile has just totally accepted that today will be a sick day and appears happy on the sofa for another 12 hours.

Plus I was up for three hours in the night with DS2. So I'm a bit tired and emotional.....but hopefully DS1 will pick up in a bit. I'm going to get out and buy him something to cheer him up and make me feel less crap about my reaction to his vomiting. blush

RubyrooUK Sun 28-Apr-13 10:07:19

And how is your DD, Idiot?

idiot55 Sun 28-Apr-13 19:31:50

Im exactly the samim e, dont feel a failure you really arnt. It is one day out of thousands where you arnt so close to him, dont worry.

My DD has a temperature but hasnt been sick.

Hope you got your wee one something nice

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