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What exactly are cluster headaches? Could my Fibromyalgia be triggering them

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Saltire Sat 27-Apr-13 14:31:24

I don't know if what I am getting is classed as a cluster headache.
Sometimes the pain is on my forehead between my eyes. Mostly though it is from the base of my skull over the top of my head (left side).

They alst for anything up to an hour and I can get sometimes as many as 4/5 of them a day. I have been to doc and he said it was tension, and advised me to get a back and neck massgae, which I did. It hasn't helped. They are actually quite debilitating,and I oftenhave to lie down. Thankfully I haven't yet had one on way to/from school with mindees.

I also keep getting funny eyes- they go blurry and double vision and I get a pain. Then it goes.

Again doc siad it was tension!

triballeader Sat 27-Apr-13 15:54:53

I do have TAC and get episodic cluster headaches. CCH & ECH focus into one eye socket with all the intensity and none stop burn of a demented lazer. Believe me the very last thing you can do with a cluster headache is lie down. The pain is at a level that thankfully few have to live through. Further info can be found on the OUCH UK website.

I think there is a link between fibro and some kinds of migraine and tension headache. Some unlucky souls can get such headaches turn up day after day and it is this grouping of headaches together that some think must be cluster headaches.

Best thing to do is keep a headache /pain diary as this will help you to help your Dr to help you. Analgesics can help but be careful to keep tabs on what you take as there is a real risk of rebound with tension headaches. Have a look at the BASH guidelines on managing Tension headache as you may find it helpful.

See an optician pref an optimetrist about your eyes - fibro may be playing havoc with the sensitive muscles around the eye causing the kind of symptoms you have. If your optican gives your muscles a clean bill of health then perhaps your Dr can look at what to offer to help manage tension headaches.
Hope that helps.

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