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Has anyone had a sleep deprived eeg how do I stay awake?

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bubblesinthesky Sat 27-Apr-13 12:01:39

I've received an appointment for one. I am a bit worried about how I'm going to stay awake all night especially as caffine is banned and it says to observe my normal sleep patterns before hand. I get up at 6am. That means in short that by the time I get to the eeg at 8.30am I'll have been awake for over 26 hours.

So if you've done this can you give me any ideas on how to stay awake for so long? The letters says they hope I'll fall asleep during the test - I think their problem will be waking me up again!

Also apart from no sleep before hand is it done any differently from a normal eeg?

noisytoys Sat 27-Apr-13 12:05:39

DD had a sleeping EEG but she is 2 so they just kept her in for 12 hours and did it while she napped. Hope it goes well

PenelopePipPop Sat 27-Apr-13 22:35:43

Err Mumsnet?

I think most of us do drift off and catnap during the long night beforehand. That isn't the end of the world. So long as you don't go to bed and and have a good long sleep you should still be pretty sleep-deprived by the time the test comes round.

And the ones I've had have not been any different from regular EEGs. In fact last time I had one they said they now do most adult EEGs sleep-deprived if poss because the diagnostic yield is so much higher, so in some centres sleep-deprived may be your normal EEG. They won't leave you to kip for long sadly so make sure you have someone to see you home safely afterwards.

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