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**TAMOXIFEN 35**the all dancing,fat boy snacking and drugs thread

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MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Apr-13 16:15:06

yoo hoo - over here- bring the trolley...

malteserzz Sat 04-May-13 09:41:37

'carry on as normal '
Ha ha !

AshokanFarewell Sat 04-May-13 09:44:23

Gooood morning,

gigs I've reviewed the list and have to own up, would probably sing most of those in the showers but I have bad shower song taste grin I hope you had a good night's sleep

malt have a fabulous weekend! No idea about swimming/jacuzzi, possibly too many germs though? You could phone Macmillan helpline perhaps, they might know and Macmillan lady at my support group recommended them for that kinda question.

Post has just been, including textbook for my dissertation. I'm going to have to remember what my title is and get started on that soon!

MAS sounds like a lovely day planned - hope it's not raining at the fete!

topsy yay for being hang over free! Hope you're having a restful morning.

I'm in bed too, just had rather strange breakfast including half a cheesy jacket potato, two babybels and two mcvities cereal bars. Yum grin

Gigondas Sat 04-May-13 09:49:02

Agree with mas that swim or jacuzzi not good for biopsy til wound healed over -usually about a week. Glad you slept better and enjoy Liverpool.

Appt time being changed (ESP as surgeons always late) is normal so don't read anything into it.

Topsy- you up yet? Mr gig seems quite sprightly for someone who was so tipsy. I slept much better but woke in middle of night which I think is habit - wasn't so sore.

Quiet day at home -might do some baking with big gig. She has just asked if I can find a lipstick that turns her into a fairy ... Not sure Ebay much good for that .

malteserzz Sat 04-May-13 09:55:11

Ok no swimming , think I've done something stupid then, she told me to take the paster off it the next night so I took everything off it did she just mean the outer plaster ? It's uncovered now looks fine though.

Gigondas Sat 04-May-13 10:06:13

That's fine as helps wound heal- its just have to be careful for while when still fresh.

coorong Sat 04-May-13 10:07:47

morning all - just watched "the politicians husband" on catch up (in bed with coffee - talk about guilty saturday morning pleasure......) - Used to fancy David Tennant but gone right off him now .....

malt the only "fighting" that goes on this website is over who gets to sit next to Ewan McGregor on our grand tour campervan (when it hits the road - is it in the workshop or has someone hidden the keys?).

Re the biopsies. I had a series of mammotomes (core biopsies) and it was a matter of keeping the area dry for couple of days, but take advice from the radiologists. I had a about 20 done (I'm not kidding), the radiologist kept saying "one more for the road" ..... ha ha (not)

You really can't infer anything until the pathology comes back, and even then, the samples are only samples. When they take the whole lump out that's when they can see the whole thing. Thats when they can see how big it is (2cm is not big), whether its hormone receptive (which is a good thing), its growth rate and any other interesting bits. Once that happens, they hit you with a plan and stats, most of which talk about 10 year survival rates - only because that's as far back as it goes - not because you will only live for 10 years.

Google is full of dramatic depressing stories about "battling". In real life, most people's experience with cancer seems to be boring and mundane, so you don't hear about it. Who wants to hear about a 41 year old who's lump was removed, had a bit of chemo and is alive and kicking after 25 years?

AshokanFarewell Sat 04-May-13 10:30:24

Watched that last night coorong am being careful not to spoil it for others but found it quite grim and think they took it all a bit far really, especially so early on the series. I've never been a fan of David Tenant but love Emily Watson.

Two more parcels just arrived, yay! One is some online shopping from Traidcraft - got these for halls next year and a few other bits, other is a present from relatives - some wooden pigs!! grin

I'm feeling pretty "normal" today, shall get up and practise my shower songs soon, parents are out so home alone!

malteserzz Sat 04-May-13 11:05:59

Love those kitchen utensils ash are you off to college ?

No jacuzzi for me then hmm Dds period has just started so I'll sit with her round the pool and we ll pretend were sunbathing !

Sounds v scary if they talk about 10 years prognosis though sometimes I think I'll be glad of anything that's not tomorrow

Copthallresident Sat 04-May-13 11:33:59

malt my consultant loves his statistics, he actually starts talking faster and with glee, bless. As I was in marketing and so had to work with statisticians I play "teacher's pet" whilst actually blocking anything I don't want to hear. However at five years he told me a statistic I did enjoy. Once you have lived five years after treatment without recurrence and you will, you have less chance of dying of Bc than the average woman. It is hard to get your head around the fact they cannot ever guarantee you are cured but that is the reality and it does for me.

Morning every one. 13 bags of horsepoo just delivered so I must go and dig over my beds. grin

HerNextDoorAt21 Sat 04-May-13 11:34:22

I'm sat outside the 3rd car boot sale waiting for DH to hopefully find a CD worth millions ! I am hangover free too .... Fell to sleep on the sofa as soon as topsy left !

Have a pleasant weekend malt the distraction will do you good

gigs enjoy the baking, you seem yo be getting a bit better each day grin

The test of you, enjoy your day

I am taking both DSs to a special needs fun day At yhe local aerodrome. They get a free 15 minutes flight in a helicopter or light aircraft !!

AshokanFarewell Sat 04-May-13 11:42:06

I'm going back for my final year of uni in autumn, am meant to be on a placement this year, have been off sick since early November though. So all my course mates will graduate this year, and I'm going back into halls to save looking for housemates, also means I get ensuite which will be nice! smile

At least you and DD can hang out together then, perhaps dangle your feet over the edge of the pool? Or just read magazines etc. smile

cop enjoy your horsepoo! grin we shall need to stock up on clothes pegs for the thread I fear!

AshokanFarewell Sat 04-May-13 11:43:22

Cross posted HND hope the boys enjoy the flight! Sounds awesome grin

KurriKurri Sat 04-May-13 12:18:05

Afternoon all smile

Hope the boys have fun on their flight HND - sounds a lovely treat for them.

malt - have a good time in Liverpool, - plenty to do there to take your mind off things, I love Liverpool.

Good luck with the horse poo Copt. Weather here has turned very chilly especially for BH, so my gardening plans slightly scuppered - I may just potter in my greenhouse.

I've been watching Politician's Husband too - it was quite unpleasant last time - what a thoroughly nasty character.

Gigs - the Duets programme was fun - you'll enjoy it, Macca came on afterwards on a different programme (something about Stadium Rock or some such - he was only on at the start but it was enough to put me off the whole thing and I went to bed.)

topsy - I actually laughed out loud at May The 4th be with you grin <very easily amused>

Smooches to Sometimes, have a good weekend - any plans?

Ash - can't remember if I said well done for getting your room in halls - sounds brilliant, - how exciting smile

MAS enjoy your fete - your Dad really enjoys his playing doesn't he? - how lovely smile

love to all, apologies if I've missed anyone, Smee - hope you are not working too hard and get some time off over the holiday.

Off for a bit of lunch now.

coorong Sat 04-May-13 13:57:15

I like Tate Liverpool for lunch (yes I know there is art there...). The docks can be a bit windswept, but its also walking distance to John Lewis .... am looking forward to the Chagall exhibition in June.

agree that surgeons love stats. My DH is a geeky maths type so we talk stats in bed .... its useful and puts it into perspective. The ten year thing is not prognosis or survival. It's more saying things like, after 10 years, the likelihood of being around after this particular type of cancer is X%. for more breast cancers its well above 90% (that's right isn't it).

I reckon the most dangerous part of the cancer treatment is the drive to and from the hospital.

Off to check out bulk chocolate orders on ebay I'm thinking £120 worth of cream eggs .....

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 04-May-13 14:10:14

kk you mentioned butterscotch angel delight yesterday so I've had to buy some....
and ned - there's sone Sauvignon blanc in Waitrose called THE NED.
Fete is tomorrow,which is just as well as it;s been pouring here...
will catch up later,just quickly popping by.

KurriKurri Sat 04-May-13 14:20:10

It was yummy MAS - have it with a banana for extra yumness grin
I have really been enjoying Angel Delights and all kinds tinned fruit recently - I must be entering a retro phase grin

Ha at Ned having wine named after her grin - I must get some of that!

malteserzz Sat 04-May-13 16:27:47

Am sitting in Starbucks at the hotel with dd a rocky road and cappuccino boys have found a football pitch and yet I've got cancer and have no idea how bad it is. I know you're all a bit more used to this but it still seems this is all happening to someone else it's so weird. Not cried much today.
Very strange
Hope you're all having a good afternoon x

Gigondas Sat 04-May-13 16:35:59

Just go with it- you need to absorb this , process, grieve, be angry and this will take time.

There will come a time when you don't think about cancer but be kind to yourself - it is all so raw.

Cupcakes made (am feeling better hnd but still weak arm so supervise rather than do) and cycling listened to . Nothing like men in Lycra to cheer you lovely mark and [[ dancing cyclists]]

malteserzz Sat 04-May-13 16:43:34

Oh crap just saw a horrific story in one of the magazines we bought about a lady who had BC and only had months as it had spread to her liver shit shit
Hope that's not upset anyone but what if that's me ?

KurriKurri Sat 04-May-13 16:44:59

Malt - I am five years down the line and I still get days when I can't actually believe it happened/ is happening to me. It is very hard to watch the world going on around you as if everything is normal when your personal world is in turmoil. Even harder when you have DC and want to protect them from the worry.

I can't say anything to stop you worrying about how bad things may be, -from people I know (and I know a lot of people with BC) there is a very good chance that your cancer will be treatable and you will make a good recovery. But until you have had the tests and checks you will be anxious.

When I was at your stage of DX, a nurse told me to focus on dealing with what you know, not on what might be, so concentrate on what you know will be the next step - surgery I imagine - and getting through that, then if there is further treatment, deal with that step by step. Otherwise it all gets too overwhelming, take it all as a series of short term goals and targets and you will get there.

What have you got planned for your weekend? - Maybe just go for enjoying the little moments 'in the moment' - a bit of sunshine, a nice coffee, a relaxing bath, - little things that will make you feel good and get you through the days. xx

Gigondas Sat 04-May-13 16:48:40

Put the magazine down ( this is what I meant about learning to cope as you learn to avoid these).

I would think it unlikely you have invasive mets with no painful or other symptoms. Ok I know now you will fret about this but the mag stories are rare and sensational hence why there . They don't want normal coping - it is extreme journalism ( see all that guff in paper yesterday).

It is tapping into your head as you are Worrying til you know more - that is natural.

Breathe deeply x

Gigondas Sat 04-May-13 16:50:14

And agree worth kurri- do whatever you can to feel ok. Think of questions for Tuesday and planning fur surgery.

KurriKurri Sat 04-May-13 16:52:36

Malt - throw the magazine out, - honestly stay away from magazines, they are full of doom laden stories, and yes it makes you panic and feel sick, but they are not the norm.
What happened to some other person is totally irrelevant to you. BC is not one illness - it is lots of very different illnesses, - you probably do not even have the same disease (i.e. the same tumour pathology) as that person, so it's as relevant to you as if it was an article about diabetes or heart failure.

Protect yourself from crappy magazines - honestly don't even look at the news stands.

malteserzz Sat 04-May-13 16:53:18

Thank you I'm thinking to myself that they choose the most dramatic cases to put in the magazines and to think of the many people I know who have survived
Just sometimes I feel ok then it hits me again
Going to try not to think about it too much over the weekend and enjoy it
Thanks for yours and everyone's help promise I'll try and give some back soon xx

coorong Sat 04-May-13 16:58:12

malt agree on the mag stories - they don't want out boring stories, they want sensational stories. In the same way that you never hear about the thousands of normal teachers, only the one who had an affair with a pupil. Or the one who sold drugs to 6 year olds.

Anyway, on to more important things, my champion Lycra clad DH once OVERTOOK mark cavendish in the Peak District when cavendish had stopped for a wee grin our local GP is one the Team GB docs, quite fun, and my surgeon did the etape de tour a few years ago - I'm surrounded by them!

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