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HELP my nose is falling off!!!

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dontmeanto Thu 25-Apr-13 08:33:31

Ok maybe not so dramatic, but has anyone ever had recurring infection on their nose??

For the past two years, after a bad cold I get what starts as a big spot on my nose. Last year it was right on top, this year its on my septum (? The area between my nostrils!). It then blisters, scabs, and last year left a big scar on top. It looks hideous when it scabs.

I went to the GP last year because my whole nose turned red and very sore, she just diagnosed it as general infection possibly from sensitivity to the sun. But the fact it keeps coming back every year and usually after a cold makes me think its a cold sore!?

Anyone else get these or know what it could be? Can one get a cold sore on one's nose? What can I do to help it?

Thanks for any help!

CarpeVinum Thu 25-Apr-13 08:50:46

I'd go to a dermo.

If she won't give you a referal then to be honest I'd be looking at ways to go privaetly, but that is pretty common where I live cos referals aren't hard to get, but oh boy you could drop dead before you actually got seen by a specilist quack.

2 years is a long time to be uncomfortable, let alone anything potentially a bit more serious.

fluffiphlox Thu 25-Apr-13 10:58:48

I get cold sores around my nose. Your symptoms sound the same. Zovirax helps me. (I am not a doctor but it sounds exactly as the same as my situation, they break out if I'm too cold, too hot or run down. Every time they get less severe.)

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