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Patella not tracking correctly

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bicyclebuiltforfour Wed 24-Apr-13 20:54:19

My physio yesterday told me that my right kneecap doesn't track properly and has given me some strengthening exercises and stretches. I've had pain on and off for a year or two: it flares up if I exercise too much and then goes away for a couple of months.

She wasn't very clear though on what to do day to day so I was wondering if anyone knew anything.

Can I go up and down stairs as normal (our apartment has three floors so I do stairs a lot!) or should I go one step at a time to avoid bending the right knee too much? I don't want to overdo it, but also don't want to avoid strengthening it if this is needed...

Should I take anti-inflammatories? Google assures me that this is a good move: is it?

Should I avoid lunges/squats? I've read conflicting advice?

Finally - if I'm having pain (niggly rather than really bad) do I just continue (eg with walking) or should I rest?

Has anyone any experience? Thanks.

Emily28 Thu 25-Apr-13 10:28:54

My sister has got the same problem.
The one she has is patello-femural condropathy.
She puts her foot pointing to the ceiling and facing an outward angle, then raises her leg, but not from a 90 degree....from a bit higher.
Keep it still for 10 seconds and then lower it back for 5.
She does this as much as she can as her orthopedic told her strengthening the muscles is the best thing to do. She is also signing up for phisio because she also doesn't know how to help the pain on a day to day basis.
Maybe your phisician can help?
From what I heard when accompanying her to the doctor though, you should continue your regular life (apart from doing the exercises) and just stop and put ice and keep it elevated when the pain gets worse.
Doctors say avoid everything that hurts too much basically.
I know, easier said than done.
Good luck!

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