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Has anyone got dental insurance ?

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chickenrice Tue 16-May-06 21:10:51

What have you got? Has it been worth it? Please help. I am going to have to go private as my NHS dentist has gone private and I can't find an NHS dentist that's taking on new patients. Teeth generally okay with old fillings and 1 crown. Thanks.

chickenrice Wed 17-May-06 11:02:41

Anyone? Please.....

jampots Wed 17-May-06 11:04:49

dh pays about £14pm for 2 checkups and scale/polish in a year. We've just signed the children up for it too as the whole practice is private it would appear. We pay about £9 for dd and £5 for ds.

Jasper is a dentist - look out for her online

chickenrice Wed 17-May-06 20:20:43

Which plan and provider is it jampots?

Twinkie1 Wed 17-May-06 20:23:55

Me and DP have a joint Boots one - they are very good it is £27 per month for the pair of us and we get nearly everything back that we pay out - only took it out because my crown in naff and will have to have it done and feel like I am (well DP is) paying monthly so it won't be such a shock when I do have it done!!!

They are very good and pay up quickly and we get advantage card points on what we pay out!!

pesme Wed 17-May-06 20:24:04

we are with denplan cos our dentist when private and dh's teeth are about to drop out in quick succession like a comedy cartoon character that bites and apple only to realise it is a bowling ball! we pay about £20 pm for 3 of us. yes its a rip off and i am p*ssed off about it but on the up side i got a nice shiney white(ish) filling on it.

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