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Is this an allergy, or a sinus problem?

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alabasterangel Wed 24-Apr-13 13:39:09

I've had sinusitis about 6 times in the past 3 years, pain, pressure, sound congested, nasty tasting rubbish going down the back of my throat with then subsequently causes a hacking cough. Either clears itself after a couple of weeks, or needs antibiotics. Is often triggered by a cold (the cold passes, then the sinus problems start shortly afterwards).

I also get hayfever - classic symptoms, sneezing, streaming drippy nose, watery itchy eyes and mouth.

The past four weeks I've been having symptoms which don't fit either of the above ailments, but not sure what else the problem could be? I'm congested, and sound like I've got a chronic cold. I have a nasty post-nasal drip which is thick - cattarh (sp) my Granny keeps saying! This slides down my throat (sorry, disgusting I know) and has resulted in a horrible productive cough which happens in fits. It's really embarassing at work and everyone assumes I'm really contagious, plus the cough is keeping me and the rest of the house awake.

The GP listened to my chest and said there is no chest infection but that I was wheezy/crackly, and gave me a ventolin inhaler to help. She also gave me beconase nasal spray. She said she didn't really know what the problem was but to give it a go. I intend to go back next week, but I don't know what she will suggest as she didn't know what it was!

This was a week ago, and I've been doing as she said but am no better whatsoever. I'm sure it's not hayfever; I don't have any of the other symptoms other than this thickly congested nose, plus if I take an antihistamine, it makes no difference. I also don't think it can be a sinus infection, as I don't have any facial/sinus pain, headache, toothace etc. GP checked for polyps.

Anyone got any ideas? It's really starting to get irritating....

somanymiles Thu 25-Apr-13 05:15:04

Can you get referral to an allergy consultant? It could be some kind of non-allergic rhinitis. I have it and the only thing that has controlled it so far are the nasal steroids.

alabasterangel Thu 25-Apr-13 10:06:02

Thanks. I thought I was already on the nasal steroids? I thought thats what beconase is? I've been told to use 2 sprays on each side, twice a day, and so far it's done sod all.

This morning (warning - this is grim...!) I must have blown out 10 tissues absolutely full of mucus - not snot, this is clear, like egg white. Loads and loads and loads of it. My nose doesn't run, so I'm not sniffing (but I do sounds really bunged up, like a peg on my nose!); and I have to conciously rememeber to go and blow it and get rid of this yuk otherwise it quietly drips down the back of my throat and I end up having to cough it up (really horrible, sorry).

I've also tried taking antihistamines (tried loratadine, and benadryl, neither had any effect).

Got to do something, driving everyone around me (and me) crazy....

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