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scabies. Any advice? Feels like it will never end. Not sure I can cope.

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fuckingscabies Wed 05-Jun-13 22:12:43

Hello. I think I have scabies but one of the lovely mumsnetters alerted me to your thread. smile Can I ask what your rash looked like? I had scabies in Feb and it's back. I think! DH is not showing any symptons and I washed and dried everything so don't know why it's back. I would much rather have eczema - I feel so disgusting. My arm is on fire and itching like mad right now.

KurriKurri Sun 05-May-13 19:36:25

Gosh - that it actually quite shocking OP - I would have thought scabies would be easy to spot (because it is mites and you can see them under a microscope) and at least rule out as a possible cause.

Sad that you had to go private to get some help, but I'm glad you are feeling so much better now.

INeedALieIn Sun 05-May-13 07:43:28

After multiple gp visits seen by a mixture of gps, I decided I couldn't continue any longer. Pain getting worse. No signs in the rest of the family.

Much to dh annoyance (worried the moths might fly out of his wallet) I booked an appointment at a private dermatologist. Was seen first thing the next day.

I cried lots. She was brilliant. She insisted it is not scabies but in fact eczema which has flared up and spread throughout my whole body through incorrect treatment. And no wonder I was in pain as each treatment was infact making things even worse.

Well, 24 hours later I looked and felt like a different person. Now4 days later I am smiling and sleeping again.

I didn't think gps would find it so difficult to spot eczema.

bubblesinthesky Sat 27-Apr-13 12:14:58

Poor you. I had scabies some years back and it was a throughly miserable experience so you have my sympathy. I was abroad and thought it was mosquito bites as it was there were loads of them. However I returned home and it kept getting worse. My GP was delighted and called in the 3 students they had at the practise to look at it as they don't get it very often now!!

have you tried cool baths as this can help the itch a bit.

I am sure my doctor gave me something called malathonian lotion? NOt sure of spelling and it went quite quickly.

Also are you absolutely sure this is scabies. Has your doctor ruled out everything else? If it was scabies will almost certainly have started between your fingers and worked its way over your body from there. Its highly contagious and you can get it by touching an infected person (almost certain I caught it by shaking hands!) so very odd your children don't have it unless you've been avoiding contact.

I hope they go soon

INeedALieIn Fri 26-Apr-13 03:56:10

Hello. I haven't been on mn much lately as I have been constantly googling scabies...very scary!!!

Anyway, so far, have had perithrin (sp?) Cream, tea tree oil to try yo tske away the itch, hugh dose antihistamines. Having v hot dilute bleach baths, followed by shower, hot as I can stand with sulphur soap.

This seems to control the itch during the day, but new bites are appearing constantly. I am covered under arms, groin, belt area. An angry red itchy rash.

Daily I wash bedding, all clothes worn on 90 and tumble dry excessively. Husband has moved into spare bed and my lovely mum is doing everyone else's washing to avoid cross contamination.

Night time I cannit get to sleep before 3am at the earliest due to the itch torture.

I'm back to the doctors tomorrow and am going to beg for ivermectin.

The battle continues...

bumhead Thu 25-Apr-13 07:55:27

If you've been suffering with no end in site ask for a referral to a Derm.
They can prescribe Ivermectin which is two tablets you take a week apart that will kill anything.
You should know you can get a reaction to the dead mites which is exactly the same as the infestation itself so it's probably a case of you no longer have scabies but you're still itching.
Try some Neem oil (can get from health food shops) it will soothe your skin and also kill anything if it's still living.
My guess is though if you've treated that you no longer have scabies but you're getting that reaction to the dead mites which will last a while yet.
Anti-histamines for the itch and a hug from me!
We had this and it's awful xxx

KurriKurri Tue 23-Apr-13 16:02:54

What treatment are you having? - my dad had scabies (caught it in hospital hmm) and it did clear up eventually but took a while. And he had continuing skin treatment with antibacterial moisturizing stuff after it had cleared to help his skin heal up IIRC.

Do go back to your GP, I'm sure there must be various options they could try to help you, but massive sympathies - I know dad was quite distressed by it all (he had alzheimer's so couldn't really explain to him what it was, but ghastly even if you know exactly what it is!)

INeedALieIn Tue 23-Apr-13 14:30:44

Hi. Yes, we are all being treated but (thankfully I'm the only one showing symptoms).

It feels like torture.

babyboomersrock Tue 23-Apr-13 12:43:01

I assume your family members are being treated at the same time? I believe people can have scabies for a while before symptoms appear.

This used to be fairly common when I was young - I have no personal experience but I have never heard of its being serious - just horrible to cope with. I did know someone who got it at university; it took weeks to get rid of it, but he was fine thereafter.

If you feel it's getting worse, I'm sure there are different treatments your GP can try.

INeedALieIn Tue 23-Apr-13 09:00:12

I have been diagnosed with scabies. I am undergoing treatment. The kids and dh are currently free of symptoms.

I feel like I haven't slept for weeks due to incessant itching. I wash all bedding and the days clothes on 90 each day and tumble dry pillows. Family washing is being done by my kind dm. Husband has moved into the spare room.

I do not know how I would cope if anybody else catches it. The rash is all over my body and seems to be getting worse.

I have Googled and scared myself to death.

Has anybody got through this? How bad were you, what did you do? How did you cope???

Thank you for any help.

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