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Do I need to see GP for thrush?

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Clickityclack Mon 22-Apr-13 10:14:36

I'm pretty sure I've got thrush after looking at my symptoms on the Internet (I know I shouldn't) bit ive never had it before. In the shower yesterday I used OHs shower gel and I have no idea why but for some reason I gave myself a good clean down below with it, I've only ever used water before now. About 2/3 hours later I had this burning/stinging sensation down below and it's so uncomfortable the only relief Ive had since then is sitting in a luke warm bath but I can't do that all day. So do I have to go to the doctors? Or can I just get some canes ten or something?

BeerTricksPotter Mon 22-Apr-13 10:26:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Clickityclack Mon 22-Apr-13 10:29:41

Thanks Beer, not 100% although I don't know what else it could be.... I'll see if I can get an appointment.

FattyMcChubster Mon 22-Apr-13 11:08:24

It could be bv which can be similar to thrush. I'd get checked just incase.

rundontwalk Mon 22-Apr-13 11:14:38

I would go to the doctors-it could just be the skin reacting to something way too harsh (obv the shower gel). I wouldn't go down the pessary/cream route unless you def have thrush.

EllieArroway Mon 22-Apr-13 12:12:58

To be honest - it does sound like it might be thrush, known to be caused by shower gels and bubble baths sometimes. I think if it were me I would get some Canesten and see if that helps first. If it is thrush, it will start to calm things down quite quickly. If it makes no difference, then see the GP.

Clickityclack Mon 22-Apr-13 19:23:54

Well I think I'll get some Canesten because I can't get an appointment till Friday and I can't stand this till then. Thanks everyone!

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