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One spot on wrist with blister... bite or chickenpox?!

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GeorginaA Tue 16-May-06 09:16:56

Okay, this is down right weird. ds2 has a spot on his wrist which has a blister about a mm or two across with a wider red patch around it. He's had it since last night, no signs of other spots.

I've kept him away from the school playground today just in case (too many very pregnant mums and tiny babies) and we won't be going to tumbletots. Can't get a doctor's appointment until 3pm. Does it sound like chickenpox or just a bite? Seems such a weird place for a single chickenpox spot. (ds1's started on his back, I'm sure).

Tried to look at some photos on the web, but a blistered spot looks like a blistered spot to me and I'm blowed if I can tell the difference...

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