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Is it possible to have arthritus at 25?

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CheifKeith Sat 20-Apr-13 21:23:28

Im having a lot of problems in my hand at the base my thumb, my wrist and my shoulder. All on the right side of my body. Its causing me problems at work. I have seen my dr about it who says its wear and tear which seems rediculous given my age. I went to an osteopath to get some relief for my shoulder but i can not afford it as its £35 for 1/2 an hour which I have to pay for myself.
I used to find that my shoulder would be a little bit better in the morning after I had slept but now it is a constant pain....all day long every day. It is especially bad at work.

Its exhausting.

deleted203 Sat 20-Apr-13 21:25:12

It is certainly possible. My sister has suffered from terrible rheumatoid arthritis since her teens (now in late 30s). If it is mainly shoulder it could be 'frozen shoulder' perhaps? Try googling it.

Hassled Sat 20-Apr-13 21:27:13

Certainly possible - I had a friend in Sixth Form with arthritis. I'd go back to the GP (or find another) - "wear and tear" is a crap explanation for constant pain at your age.

ipswichwitch Sat 20-Apr-13 21:30:02

I've had it since I was 17. If you suspect arthritis, your Gp can do a blood test for inflammatory markers and refer you to a rheumatologist. I agree, wear and tear does sound like he's fobbing you off a bit at y

ipswichwitch Sat 20-Apr-13 21:30:22

I've had it since I was 17. If you suspect arthritis, your Gp can do a blood test for inflammatory markers and refer you to a rheumatologist. I agree, wear and tear does sound like he's fobbing you off a bit at your age

ipswichwitch Sat 20-Apr-13 21:31:04

Pressed post too early - the joy of arthritis!

wonkylegs Sat 20-Apr-13 21:31:24

I've had RA since I was 19. If it's causing you long term pain and issues your GP shouldn't be dismissing it as 'wear & tear' - it sounds like further investigation is required. Go back to your GP or preferably see another one and push for further investigation. It could be lots of things but it shouldn't just be dismissed.

Wolfiefan Sat 20-Apr-13 21:33:43

Surely you should have bloods. I had pain at a similar age and it turned out to be a post viral thing. (Short lived). Do you take any supplements? I used glucosamine, dragon's claw and heat helped too.

CheifKeith Sat 20-Apr-13 21:35:31

Ok, Im going to book an appointment on monday and insist im refered to a specialist. I think part of the problem in my shoulder is down to posture but I have had problems since I was 16. The pain in my shoulder really is constant. The pain at the base of my thumb is made worse by holding it in certain positions for a long time. Tonight I had to sweep the floor at work with a short brush and the pain afterwards was horrendous!!! I dont know what causes the pain in my wrist.

CheifKeith Sat 20-Apr-13 21:37:16

wolfiefan He told me to have a massage. no bloods taken. I dont take any supliments, I should really as I frequently become anemic despite having a fairly decent diet. I will look into those that you mentioned though.

namechangea Sat 20-Apr-13 21:50:32

I had psoriatic arthritis at 19 after a car accident.

Your problem couldn't be some kind of repetitive strain injury could it? My shoulder and arm rubbish at the moment but think it's a posture thing from feeding baby and holding kindle!!!

sashh Sun 21-Apr-13 02:47:15


I've only ever met one other person IRL with this, mine was diagnosed at 26 for the arthritis, 21 for the psoriasis.

MarcelineTheVampireQueen Sun 21-Apr-13 02:53:25

I have rheumatoid arthritis since I was 4, an now 30 something. I run support groups for people with arthritis fibro and other chronic pain conditions. Sadly its v possible. I have seen every one from small babies to people in their nineties with all types. Arthritis doesn't like to discriminate! Go get bloods done, its always good to know what you are dealing with. Good luck and feel free to pm at any time. I run self management programmes in Ireland on how to deal with it so have plenty of tips and info!

rootypig Sun 21-Apr-13 03:45:47

wear and tear = osteoarthritis. RA is inflammatory disease and much more common in the young. OA will usually be secondary at such a young age ie you're right, wear and tear is not a complete explanation for a 25 year old. unless you are a world class tennis player? grin I have severe OA in my hip, diagnosed at 19, but it's secondary to avascular necrosis (problems with the blood supply). To diagnose OA you need at least an x ray and preferably a scan or ultrasound to see what's happening in the soft tissues too (to diagnose RA, I think you need a blood test). But you may well not have OA yet - the symptoms you describe could be repetitive strain injury type problems.

The shoulder is the most unstable joint in the body, structurally, and it may be that you've been using it in an odd way for some time. at minimum, your doctor should send you for an xray to rule OA in or out, and give you a physio referral so they can assess how you're using the shoulder.

The pain in your wrist is probably referred pain, which is really common in chronic pain conditions. Essentially parts of the body that are closely connected to the problem area in your nervous system will experience severe pain too, as the nerves jangle and misfire. Sometimes the pain in my knee (which is fine) is far worse than in my hip).

For managing the pain - you learn what works for you over the years. For me, avoiding certain types of use, warm baths before bed, hot water bottles, yoga, 600mg ibuprofen (good strong dose!) on bad days to aid sleep.... diet and supplements also well worth a look. An alkaline diet reduces inflammation in the body, and chilli, garlic, ginger, turmeric are all very good. Supplements: oils, turmeric, boswellia, among others.

Good luck OP. Go back to your doctor.

MusicalEndorphins Sun 21-Apr-13 07:04:59

As rootypig stated, "wear and tear" is a sort of nickname people give arthritis. And since you have it on one side, it sounds like you could be using that side, and putting strain on tendons or ligaments even. Do you have any swelling or redness? Fatigue? Numbness or tingling? My ds2 is 25 and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his hands and knees 2 years ago. He had x-rays, MRI's and blood work, and was diagnosed by a Rhuematologist. He also has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, it took a while to get a diagnosis, he saw several doctors, was told it could be Lupus... it wasn't, then Reactive wasn't that either.
I also have arthritis, but I am older, (obviously since my youngest is your age). I find using cold packs on my neck and shoulders, or whatever is hurting, and taking anti inflamatories helps, although after years of taking them, they bother my stomach.
I don't know if they sell Voltaren Emugel in the UK, but I use it and it does help.
Good luck.*

digerd Sun 21-Apr-13 07:11:40

Could well be repetitive strain injury, but still unusual at your age.
If you are right handed and the pain is in your right shoulder/wrist/thumb, it does sound work related strain.

MusicalEndorphins Sun 21-Apr-13 07:13:09

I should mention, a thumb or wrist stabilizer, which you can buy in most pharmacies, can help a lot if it is something like tendonitis. I use a thumb stabilizer, there are some that support your .
wrist and thumb both.

CheifKeith Sun 21-Apr-13 09:40:05

Wow thanks for all the replies. You have all given me some really great advice smile
The pain started in my shoulder when I was about 16, studying for my gcse's. It got worse when I got a job in a stock room which involved going up and down ladders with piles of clothing. Now I am in constant discomfort with it. The skin almost goes numb and is similar to the sensation you get with pins and needles. I get sharp shooting pains almoat like a needle is being plunged into my back. It also feels hot. I can feel that it is spreading across my back to my left shoulder. The pain in my hand is the base of my thumb...the padded bit . it feels swolen and hard when it's painful. If I press on it its horrible. Im going to go to the doctor armed with everything you have said and hope I can get some results.

rootypig Sun 21-Apr-13 16:48:41

What you describe is consistent with RSI and with OA. You absolutely need xrays, scans and a physio referral - go back, and insist. Physio wise, the shoulder relies more than any other joint for its stability on the correct functioning of the muscles around it (the rotator cuff). A physio will be able to work with you to correct the movement and strengthen the muscles.

Again, good luck OP.

Delayingtactic Sun 21-Apr-13 17:04:44

That is a lazy diagnosis by your GP. I would be hmm at anyone confident enough to categorically state someone has OA in their twenties without a) an appropriate reason (post-traumatic OA or in conjunction with other conditions) or b) that it isn't an inflammatory arthritis such as RA which needs onwards referral to a rheumatologist. Plus your GP must be amazing to diagnose arthritis without imaging.

Grr this has wound me up. It's just lazy and fibbing you off.

crashdoll Sun 21-Apr-13 19:59:36

It doesn't sound like inflammatory arthritis but it's worth getting bloods to test for RA antibodies and to check your inflammatory markers. You could also request imaging. I have RA in my shoulder and had an ultrasound and the radiologist said shoulders are very complex and the best type of scan is an MRI but obviously, they are expensive. An x-ray might rule out OA aka 'wear and tear' but it won't tell you much.

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