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Virus / something else?

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randomcollection Thu 18-Apr-13 09:53:07


Im in a fuddle about whether to go and see my (generally dismissive) GP or not. Ive been feeling generally rubbish for about 3 weeks now, and keep hoping Im feeling better, but not really amounting to anything.

The main things are that I have acid reflux, like it was when I was pregnant (but not had it since baby born 2 years ago); really poor appetite, a bit nauseous, and feeling full after a couple of bites of anything. I had a banana for breakfast yesterday and I felt like it sat in my stomach all morning - normally a banana would hardly touch the sides!!

I also thought I wa getting a chest infection - really creaky when I breathe, although that does seem to be getting better, although still have a cough and very slight sinus congestion..

Ive had a headache, low level, in the background most days too, trying not to take any painkillers as dont want a rebound headache. I have migraine headaches with some pretty heavy duty auras, usually only a couple a year, but Ive had 3 in the last 7 weeks, which is very unusual.

Also, and this may be totally unrelated, but my elbows are really sore! I cant lift up the kids without it being sore.

And thats about it. Its like a strange, low level thing which doesnt develop into anything, but not really going away either.

Or I could just be a hypochondriac, I feel a bit silly really blush Maybe its nothing, but I wondered if anyone else has had this - is it a bug?

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