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Anyone else had severe dyskaryosis result from smear! I'm so worried!

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neverlookback Wed 17-Apr-13 11:32:07

Had a smear a week last fri and on say got a letter saying I have severe dyskaryosis, I've got a colposcopy appt 29th April which seems years away as I'm so worried! It's not the examination or treatment that scares me even tho doesn't sound pleasant! I'm so worried that they aren't going to get rid of it and I might get or have cervical cancer and die! I know I'm really dwelling on worst case scenario but I've got 3 small dc's 7, 4 and 19m, I keep thinking what if I died, my eldest is from my 1st marriage she sees her dad at weekends and hates her stepmum (so do I) and she would have to live there and he properly wouldn't want her to see her step family here anymore, how would they all cope, I'm sorry I know I'm being stupid but I can't stop getting upset.
My last smear 3 years ago was fine they always have been, could cancer develop in 3 years?

I've rang and asked if any cancellations come up can they ring me but they said not many do!

If anyone has had the same can u reassure me

IamtheZombie Wed 17-Apr-13 15:17:59

My most recent smear showed severe dyskaryosis. I had a colposcopy and biopsy about a month ago. Although the biopsy results were "reassuring" I require treatment. Tomorrow I will be having a Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (LLETZ).

Dyskaryosis is almost always caused by the Human Papillomavirus. According to the doctor who is treating me, the HPV infection rate is now around 90% of the population. There are about 40 strains of HPV but only a couple of them are strongly associated with developing cervical cancer and the rest just cause non-cancerous cell changes.

The odds are highly in your favour so try not to worry too much.

neverlookback Wed 17-Apr-13 15:46:26

Oh thank you and good luck for tomorrow, the loop is the kind of treatment given at my hospital too, I'm really hoping they do it there and then to get it over and done with,
I am a worrier and waiting around drives me crazy!
Let me know how you get on, I hope it's not too painful x

bluebluecow Wed 17-Apr-13 16:25:09

hi, I had severe dyskariosis (cin iii) about 10 years ago I was also petrified! had colposcopy and then biopsy and lletz under general anaesthtic as i am a baby! I had yearly smears and I am now back to 3 yearly after testing neg to HPV. the treatment wasnt too bad and it worked. I now work in gynae and see how common this is and its rarely serious. try not to worryx

NeverBeenToMe Wed 17-Apr-13 16:29:56

Sorry to hijack slightly but zombie hope your op goes ok.

neverlookback Wed 17-Apr-13 20:37:10

Thank you for your replies, I do feel a bit better, I just keep day dreaming off into worst case scenario when I'm alone and I've got 12 days wait and dp away all weekendsad x

IamtheZombie Wed 17-Apr-13 21:16:56

I'm the Queen of Worst Case Scenarios, neverlookback. I'm also very good at convincing others to look on the bright side. I guess that also makes me the Queen of Do as I Say, Not as I Do. PM me if it would help.

EllenJanesthickerknickers Wed 17-Apr-13 21:40:23

Never, I had cin 3 and laser treatment 15 years ago when my DS1 was only 3 months old. I now have DS2 and DS3, had annual smears for 10 years and am now on a 3 yearly cycle with no recurrence. It's not pleasant, but as you've been having regular smears it sounds like its been caught early. Dyskariosis is pre-cancerous changes, not cancer itself. You'll be fine, I'm sure. X

neverlookback Wed 17-Apr-13 21:50:15

Thanks ladies I'm just a mess! My two best friends had it done 10 years ago and are fine and I'm still in such a panic!
What doesn't help is I'm a sahm so spending all day on my own looking at my kids thinking what the hell would they do without me.
Wish I could just go to sleep and wake up on the day of the app!

Massive good luck for you tomorrow zombie, fingers crossed for you it's all ok and done quickly, let me know how your feeling after, big hugs xxxthanks

IamtheZombie Wed 17-Apr-13 22:11:16

((((( neverlookback )))))

I'll let you know how it goes. Chin up!

IamtheZombie Thu 18-Apr-13 21:15:56

Zombie reporting back as promised. smile

The clinic was running about an hour late so the nerves really went mad. But, the doctor and the nurses were lovely and put me at my ease.

The procedure itself wasn't bad at all. There was a bit of a scratch when he injected the local anaesthetic but during the procedure itself all I really felt was pressure. There was a bit of stinging / burning sensation when I sat up after it was over. That was probably just the vinegar and iodine trickling out over bits that weren't numb.

I do feel a bit battered and bruised. I've also got cramping and lower back ache but alternating ibuprofen and paracetamol is keeping all of that well under control.

All in all it's not bad. Please try not to worry.

neverlookback Thu 18-Apr-13 21:44:27

Well done zombie grin I've been thinking of you today, thank you so much for reporting back when you've been through all that, your a true mumsnetter! Hope your soon over it, and just rest tomorrow.
fingers crossed for me next week, no doubt I'll be back on here about it at some point.
I've felt a lot better today so thankyou for your help xxx

EllenJanesthickerknickers Thu 18-Apr-13 23:13:30

Glad it wasn't too bad, zombie. You are really kind to be offering support when you are right in the thick of it, yourself. flowers

neverlookback, I hope you've found this thread encouraging. There's always someone on MN to hold your hand, whether you just need a hug or somewhere to vent. We're also good with black humour! grin

neverlookback Mon 22-Apr-13 14:07:07

Thankyou ellanjane,
(Zombie) not sure if you will see this now but I hope your feeling better and are on the mend, the hospital rang this morning to say there may be a cancellation for tomorrow morning for me to take so I really hope so, I just want to get it over with and be reassured by them! They are letting me know at 3

I managed to block it out this weekend as dp was away so it was just me and the kids but my fretting came back last night!

IamtheZombie Mon 22-Apr-13 16:29:08

I hope you got your cancellation appointment, neverlookback. The waiting really is difficult.

I'm feeling a lot better. The cramps and backache hung around for a couple of days but seem to be gone now. As soon as they started to disappear, the bleeding started. It's not too heavy but, being 10+ years post menopause, it's come as a bit of a shock to me... Otherwise I've just been taking it easy.

Going out for dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday so looking forward to that.

neverlookback Mon 22-Apr-13 16:54:30

Yes I got the appointment! So relieve I think I would of dug my own grave waiting another weekshock
Not looking forward to it but just need to know the facts!

Happy birthday have a lovely meal.
And thanks for sharing your experience with me you really helped smile

IamtheZombie Tue 23-Apr-13 12:45:22

I've been thinking of you this morning never. I hope it's gone well.

neverlookback Tue 23-Apr-13 13:56:37

Hi yes I've had the loop thingy done.
I was glad to get it over and done with but shocked it all happened so soon, he said the extent of the abnormal cells was not too bad he didn't say a level but I feel much more reassured, it's wasn't a nice procedure but dp came in with mr and the nurse was lovely, hope that's it now!

Currently in bed!! dp having today and hopefully tomorrow off to help with kids.

Just got horrible period pains now but will keep dosed up
Thanks xxxsmile

IamtheZombie Tue 23-Apr-13 14:00:22

(((( never )))) I'm glad it's over for you.

The cramping will pass. Rest as much as you can for a couple of days and yes, do keep dosed up. I alternated ibuprofen and paracetamol for about 3 days and that worked fairly well.

EllenJanesthickerknickers Tue 23-Apr-13 17:00:26

Yes, felt like a painful period for quite a few days. Also blood was sort of burnt. Sorry if TMI. You'll need a bit of TLC for a bit. X

neverlookback Tue 23-Apr-13 18:24:39

Hi ellan, never tmi for me! Yeah feeling very tender, can't wait for the kids to go to bed! Trying to get sympathy out of them is like getting blood from a stone!

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