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I'm suddenly getting hives whenever I'm in the cold, what causes this?!

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ilikeyoursleeves Tue 16-Apr-13 22:36:58

It's horrible, about 6 weeks ago I was out for a walk in the cold (nothing majorly freezing, just the UK weather) and I started itching like mad and came out in hives on my face and hands. This has happened a lot since and it's specifically when I am exposed to the cold outdoors. My face comes out in red itchy welts and my hands sting too, it's so embarrassing. Thankfully the weather is hotting up a bit now but does anyone know why I'm suddenly having this now? I'm 37 and have no other allergies other than hay fever and alcohol (I flush really badly with alcohol and have been known to faint) and used to snowboard etc with no problems so I don't understand why I've suddenly developed this.

Any advice would be great.

stomp Wed 17-Apr-13 21:23:59

It happens to me too, I get them on my hands, & on my legs under trousers, and sometimes up my arms. Never on my face though. I once had them on my feet when I sat in my neighbours very cold house confused. I've never bothered to see a GP about it (because I have so many odd health issues that i'm not sure they believe me half the time) but when ever I have an general anaesthetic I've told the hosp -just in case. I always wear gloves in winter, & I don't wear tights under trousers because for some reason it sometimes triggers it. It can happen in the summer too if the weather is warm/hot but there is a cool breeze- such as walking on a cliff. I never go swimming or paddling in the sea either. I did read that antihistamines don't help, but I do take them if i'm having a bad attack. And don't scratch.....or rub.

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