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Numbness/pins and needles in foot

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Amandella Mon 15-May-06 10:25:21

Hi there
Over the past couple of weeks I have been experiencing intermittent tingling/numbness in my foot. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on pins for a while. This morning my foot ached a bit when I got up. Anyone got any ideas what this could be? I have had back problems on and off for a few years although at present, it seems OK so I'm not convinced it's anything to do with that. I wish I hadn't but I looked on the internet and now i'm worried it's a serious sign of MS or something hideous. Could there be a less dramatic explanation?!

Thanks for any thoughts

Bumblelion Mon 15-May-06 10:51:31

Please do not think I am trying to scare you, BUT ...

I would suggest you go and see your doctor. My mum complained of numbness and pins and needles in her feet. She mentioned it to her chiropodist who said she should go and see a doctor. My mum suffers from depression and has had nervous breakdowns (nothing to do with the numbness) but the only reason she ended up being hospitalised was because she was having trouble walking because of the numbness.

She is now suffering from neuropathy. The doctors keep asking if she is a "drinker" which she definitely is not and never has been.

She is now well mentally but physically still has trouble. She is getting better but is still not driving as her feet cannot feel the pedals. She cannot walk outside unaided (leans on someone's arm).

The trouble is I have also started suffering from numb feet - especially when walking to work - and also pins and needles in my arms and legs. I do need to go and see the doctor but, then again, I do drink and I think it could have something to do with that - although I am trying to cut down.

I would go and see the doctor just to get everything ruled out.

Amandella Mon 15-May-06 11:38:07

I'm very sorry to hear about your mum. I am not sure if this is the same in that I only feel this in one foot - but you are right, I do need to go and get it checked out. I hope you find the strength to do the same. It is certainly worrying me- I am not sure what neuropathy is but it sounds awful.
Good luck

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 11:46:55

It could be referred from your back ie a trapped nerve or something

I would get it checked.

DH had similar and thought it was MS too, they said to him that the first signs of that are usually vision problems not tingly feet.

He had MRI etc and it was a disc bulge that was affecting a nerve


tess24 Sat 20-May-06 23:52:10

I had same thing on and off for years. It was siatica (spelling wrong-spelt as pronounced, sorry). The siatic nerve would get trapped in between discs when one 'slipped' to the left. Gp sent me for physiotherapy which genarally did the trick. Unfortunately one episode resulted in a prolapsed disc ('slipped'backwards into spinal chord) and complete loss of feeling in legs from waist to knees. Had to have emergency surgery to remove part of disc. Still have back problems but at least i'm still walking. This is an extreme and quite rare to happen that seriously but go to gp and get it looked at, where backs are concerned you cannot afford to take chances, do not take your back for granted.

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