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T4 12, Thyroxine Level Help please??

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CityGal29 Tue 16-Apr-13 12:35:37

I was diagnosed with Post Partum Thyroiditis in Feb 2013, when baby was 3m old & had put on 1.5st.
Finally got referred to Endo & along with VLCD diet when thryoxine is totally correct dose, Ive lost 4st.
Still 10lb to go & each time now I lose small amount of weight seem to get overmedicated symptoms.
Can blood tests be behind?

Latest results from last week – she said TSH was 12 (in a range of 10-20) but think she meant T4 and said the wrong thing on the phone??
I’m severely constipated (in real stomach pain), lost 1/3 of right eyebrow, bloated neck, stopped losing weight on VLCD diet.

She moved me from 100 thyroxine each day down (after I’d lost 2st) down to 75, 100, 75,100,75,100, 75 thyroxine and I started on this in early March.

Advised to take vitamin d & magnesium and have been at end of day (so as not to affect absorb of thyroxine).

I’m 5’5 and 11st10lb, 72kg roughly.

Can anyone advise? Next blood tests in 3 weeks.

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