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Any radiographers/radiologists around?

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PassTheTwiglets Mon 15-Apr-13 10:09:16

I had a barium swallow x-ray the other day and the doctor who did it said that everything looked fine. I am now worrying though because I'm not sure if I swallowed enough barium! He said to take a big gulp but I found that really hard and I was having quite a small swallow of it, really. So now I'm worried that I didn't swallow enough barium to coat the inside of my throat and so the x-ray might have missed something (I think the x-ray only shows up parts of your throat that is coated in barium?)

So my question is - would the radiographer have been able to tell if I hadn't swallowed enough barium?

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 15-Apr-13 13:55:45

Yes the radiographer would have been able to see if you swallowed enough they would have asked you to take another gulp then take another x-ray. I do this to dogs who are very reluctant to take the barium so we often have to give several lots.

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Mon 15-Apr-13 13:58:04

You would have had more than one image taken; they track the barium as it moves down. As Lonecat says, the radiographer would have said and taken another set of images.

PassTheTwiglets Mon 15-Apr-13 14:05:19

That's great, thank you both so much - you've put my (over-active!) mind at rest smile

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Mon 15-Apr-13 14:14:41

smile I hope the results help and you're on the mend quickly.

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