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Asthma advice

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Ginga66 Sun 14-Apr-13 00:42:37

Ive had breathing issues since bout of bronchitis aged sixteen. Over the years when I get I'll I tend to get tight chest and use ventolin but only maybe two or three times a year.
Dr still not sure if it's asthma but I've just returned from holiday and had to see emergency gp. As breastfeeding given steroid inhaler rather than pills have taken for one day also two days into anti biotics course for possible chest infection.
I'm having to usemy inhaler every maybe three hrs and used twenty puffs thurs. dr said steroid should help.
Is it normal to fel this tight chested! I am quite freaked by it. Very tired at times too. To dcs four and tn mths and dh working tmrw.
Advice pls.

Snazzynewyear Sun 14-Apr-13 00:51:13

The steroids (either tablet or inhaler) take a few days to build up to full effect so you have probably not got the full benefit of that yet. It should start easing in a few days. If not back to GP, but in the meantime use the inhalers as much as you need to is my advice - officially you're told wait a few hours in between but when in dire straits I have used mine a lot more. Chest infections really mess it up, I had two last autumn and my asthma was worse than it had been for years - these days I am well controlled due to being on the right inhalers. Try and rest too.

Ginga66 Sun 14-Apr-13 01:08:20

Thanku. What do youmeannight inhalers? I've started panicking that I won't b able to function properly of kids,it's not been this bad for years. I think I'm getting anxious which is not helps and not sleeping well with it either. Do inhalers make you Trimble nd feel light headed and a bit high?

Snazzynewyear Sun 14-Apr-13 01:25:45

Can do sometimes if you're using then a lot. 'Right inhalers' not night inhalers - I changed from straightforward steroid inhaler to Seretide which is half steroid half reliever on nurse advice and that kept me a lot steadier. Book an asthma review with your practice nurse to discuss options. But try to keep tomorrow low key, let the kids watch tv etc. It's known to get worse at night too so you may well improve in the morning on how you feel now.

Ginga66 Sun 14-Apr-13 01:48:20

I'm on seretide so hopefully will improve thanku v much for replies

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