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Could I have a Prolapse Uterus or Bladder

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Pamela1981 Sat 13-Apr-13 22:14:21

I went for a smear a few months ago and I asked if she could take some swabs as I had a bit of an unusual discharge for a while.

As I was getting the smear I'd spoke of maybe getting the coil and she mentioned I had a tilted womb and spoke of a prolapse but didn't seem like she was giving any sort of diagnosis and said if I was going to be getting the coil they would check properly for it then

I've been feeling constant pushing down below and our chat came into my head today so I had a look and it didn't look right so I googled images and could see similar pictures to what I have. I got very upset and not sure what to do now?

I will be phoning the doctor but has anyone else had this? I'm 31 and had a very bad forceps and ventous birth of my first child who is now 5. It took nearly a year to recover from that then I fell pregnant with my second and that was a section but all through my pregnancy I felt like something was pushing down

cravingcake Sun 14-Apr-13 08:31:49

Speak to your gp, they should be able to give you a better ide but it does sound like it could be, although probably not 'major' enough for surgery.

I have a prolapse after a forceps deliver 18 months ago and i've seen a gynae consultant who asked if it was a long pushing stage, which it was (3hrs). However they said i'm too young (early 30's too) to operate and also due to other issues (bad scarring from 4th degree tear) it will make things worse for me. Plus i want more children so i can live with it for now.

Check out the thread on here which is something like 'any old prolapse' on phone so cant link, the ladies are very kind and have been through it and can offer a lot of advice.

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