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twinging pain in kidneys

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martian Sat 13-May-06 23:14:51

I had a urinary tract infection about 3 weeks ago and had two courses of antibiotics which seemed to clear it up - my last urine sample was ok around 10 days ago. But I've now got quite regular unpleasant twinging cramping pains in my left side / back which I suspect is kidney pain. GP says if the urine test is clear I shouldn't worry but I don't know why I'm getting these. Anyone know anything about this kind of thing?

martian Sun 14-May-06 13:24:43


martian Sun 14-May-06 22:08:55


thirtysomething Sun 14-May-06 22:22:02

only thing I do know is that problems with kidneys can often be signalled by running a temperature and/or dark urine (i.e. blood/protein in it0 but I'm not sure these are the only symptoms. Does it hurt when you go to the loo? You could try drinking a bit more water than usual to see if that helps (but no more than a glass or two an hour as overdoing water can be risky too!) and if it doesn't subside go back to the doctor, as it could be a kidney stone or something like that? I'd google it to see what you find. Hope you feel better soon.

martian Sun 14-May-06 22:28:54

No temperature. And I don't have the urinary tract infection symptoms like needing to wee a lot. Maybe I should get another urine sample tested at the GP.

thirtysomething Sun 14-May-06 22:36:01

very sensible - also if you're still taking the antibiotics they could be making your kidneys hurt if they're strong and/or you've had a slight reaction to them maybe.

martian Sun 14-May-06 22:39:26

no, I finished the antibiotics over 2 weeks ago I think.

kid Sun 14-May-06 22:44:59

I've had a kidney infection twice and felt quite ill both times. I did have a slight temp but I had a dull ache in my back where kidneys are. Sounds like a good idea to get another sample tested just incase. The dr did tell me that as adults kidneys are mature, they can deal with infections quite well, that doesn't make you feel any better though.

martian Sun 14-May-06 22:58:28

kid, did you also have burning when you went for a wee or any other symptoms? With the original urinary tract infection I had those things but now just the on/off pain in my kidneys.

kid Sun 14-May-06 23:12:24

I had to keep going to the loo, there wasn't a burning sensation, more of a tugging/stabbing from my belly button but from the inside if that makes any sense.

martian Mon 15-May-06 21:57:54

I don't have anything like that. Just kidney pain. GP here I come I guess!

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