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HPV and Genital warts. Help!

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LetstalkGenitals Fri 12-Apr-13 14:34:18

I have namechanged for this.

14 years ago I contracted a wart virus, around the same time a smear test showed up abnormal. Biopsies were taken and all came back normal.
I'm having 3 yearly screens now.

A long time ago I asked a doctor if the strain I had causes cervical cancer, she said no it's not. Warts aren't as visible with the more harmful strains.

More recently I went and got checked and treated for a wart that reappeared during my pregnancy and I asked another doctor, she said I was at no more risk of getting cancer than any other woman. 60% of the population has a genital wart virus and most are harmless.
I was happy with this. A midwife also reasurred me as I was feeling worried about my baby getting them, she said that it's just a wart virus that happens to thrive down there. Again I was reassured.

Yesterday I went for a routine smear test and the nurse explained that if it shows up negative, they won't test it, if it show's positive they will test it and let me know if I'm a high or low risk case for cancer.
I told her about my virus and she said it is HPV.

This has got me thinking and now I'm worried.

Surely if I have a wart virus, I have HPV, which should show up positive on smear tests.
So why have all of my previous screens shown up negative.

I'm confused, are ALL wart viruses caused by HPV?

Apparently the testing system has changed, is something going to show up that hasn't shown up before because of this new system?
(I know no one can answer that btw).

I'm worried about this now!

If you are a health professional that works in this field then please could you clarify this for me.
Any other replies also welcome smile Thank you in advance.

sashh Sat 13-Apr-13 06:34:43

All genital warts are caused by HPV, but there are numerous strains of HPV. The vaccine being given to teenagers is for of the strains associated with cancer (types 6 11 16 and 18).

SO yes you have HPV in your system, but it doesn't mean you have the HPV that leads to cancer.

sannaville Sat 13-Apr-13 16:49:56

My frIend had one single wart that showed up during pregnancy she went to doc who said couldn't be treated in pregnancy she got rid of it herself with cider vinegar!! And it went and never reappeared!! Anyway she had never ever had a problem with smear tests all come back clear. So I'm assuming as said above that there are various strains and some cause cancerous cells and some don't.

BelaLug0si Sun 14-Apr-13 01:00:14

The HPV types that are tested for in the cervical sample are the high risk ones. This is mostly types 16 and 18 (there are others). Types 6 and 11 are generally thought to be low risk and associated with visible genital warts. These two types are included in the vaccination to prevent women from developing warts in the future, and 16/18 vaccinated.

In answer to your question, if you still had a low risk HPV in your system then it probably won't cause a positive result. Did you get the HPV testing leaflet with your screening invite by the way, as I'm not sure your situation is actually covered in it.

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