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anybody else managed to expel a coil!

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greenfolder Thu 11-Apr-13 21:45:10

Had mirena fitted in nov in the hope it would help with my ridiculous periods. When fitting dr told me I had the biggest uterus she had ever seen (helpful). Anyway bled for about 4 weeks and things settled down a bit. Periods went on for 10 days instead of the 3 but no flooding. Finished period on monday. On tuesday went to loo at work and passed a fist sized clot presumably with the coil. Then bled through a towel to the point blood was running down my legs in 5 mins. Last night passed a clot bigger than my fist-still bleeding like a trooper. Certain coil has gone but what the hell do I do next?

VivaLeBeaver Thu 11-Apr-13 21:49:45

See your gp as an emergency appt tomorrow.

How much are you still bleeding currently?

You can't carry on losing that much blood without becoming very anaemic.

greenfolder Thu 11-Apr-13 22:08:42

Still bleeding lots, hoping it will settle down, why this week in my first week in a new job?

Floralnomad Thu 11-Apr-13 22:12:58

I'm waiting to have a Mirena fitted and I'm fairly sure that my GP said that 1 in 20 fall out within the first 3 months ( or something like that)

greenfolder Thu 11-Apr-13 22:16:34

Yes I had a look at the info on the web and it says this happens in 1 in 10. I think it moved during my last period as I could suddenly feel the wires and then my body was just fed up of it. I was so hopeful it was thw answer.

Floralnomad Thu 11-Apr-13 22:18:53

Presumably you can have another one and try again .

VivaLeBeaver Thu 11-Apr-13 22:20:19

My first one came out the same day I had it put in. No bleeding, just full blown labour contractions.

My second one stayed in but made my periods really heavy.

greenfolder Thu 11-Apr-13 22:36:20

I really don't think ill have another. Was willing to allow 6 months before getting benefits but to expel it after 5 months and have to start again Is a bit much.

lydiamama Thu 11-Apr-13 22:44:42

And my doctor told me they do not really move!!! Go to the doctor ASAP, it may have open a wound on your cervis or vaginal walls on its way down, and that will make you bleed. You should not pass clots of that size during a period. I hope you get well soon

poocatcherchampion Thu 11-Apr-13 22:51:49

I had contractions just like viva. I preferred that experience the second time when I got an actual baby at the end of it grin

TheYoniOfYawn Thu 11-Apr-13 22:57:07

Mine came out during a period after around 4 or 5 months. I had contraction-like cramps and when I took my mooncup out, the coil was inside. I got a smaller one put in, and that one has been fine.

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