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Redness at bcg site, 3 years later?

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alex8 Sat 13-May-06 09:54:09

my son had his bcg at a few weeks old. He's nearly 3 now and yesterday had a high temp and we gave him ibuprofen. His temp is ok today and hes seems fine but we noticed he had redness around the bcg site. Has anyone else experienced that?

alex8 Sat 13-May-06 16:15:43

just in case I'll give this a bump

alibubbles Mon 15-May-06 22:03:26

My BCG still erupts every so often, 35 years later! It is very red and large and lumpy and often itches, I have seen the doc and he says there is no problem.

Mind you DD had a BCG and was found not to be immune, after 4 years. so had to have it again.

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