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2 Year old DS constipated

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spangles Sat 13-May-06 08:29:57

My 2 yr old DS is constipated, We have been to see GP who gave him lactulose. This didnt really work so 2 wks later he gave us movicol. This worked after 3 days but when I stop giving it to DS he stops "filling his nappy"
I try to make sure he drinks plenty although I think he really should drink more, but just wondered what foods will make him go naturally IYKWIM.
He is quite a fussy eater but I will try anything

yomellamoHelly Sat 13-May-06 09:03:35

Had this with ds. Tried suppository - worked once - not second time. Lactulose and senna had no effect.

Got given lots of advice on upping the amount of fruit he eats, giving him a whole-grain cereal for breakfast, wholemeal bread, brown rice and fruit juices etc.

They do say with constipation that you should keep giving them the drugs for quite a while until they forget that it's painful to do a poo. (Ds would hold on and on to it compounding his problems.) It might be that's all you simply need to do.

I also got hold of a mix of chamomile and fennel tea from the health food shop(if it looks like it's sprouting that's the one you want - you serve it cold obviously) to give him mixed with apple juice (which, again, is particularly good for the insides). It's meant to help get your insides moving. He'd have this over the course of the day. Spirulina (you need advice on getting the right type) may also help (natural bulking agent). It tastes quite chalky so you need to mix it with yoghurt or something like semolina.

Also you can try and up the amount of exercise they do and if you can get them to have a hot bath (as hot as they can stand) that helps too. Also - if they can take it an abdominal massage with lavender or chamomile oil (relaxant) - ds couldn't bear having his stomach touched though because he was so bunged up.

In reality my ds figured out what made his bowels move and resisted all those things because it hurt him so much making the cycle even more vicious- but you may experience something different.

In the end I took him to an osteopath (was desperate since he'd been in such pain since it had all started 5-6 week previously). Had a (admittedly painful for him) poo in the waiting room immediately after, and a good old clear-out (sorry if tmi!) over the next few days and has been regular since. Gets bunged up when he's ill, but another trip sorts him out again.

Also got shown some balancing exercies to engage his stomach muscles which has helped. A friend got advised to hold her son in a sitting position when she thought a poo was coming, becuase it's much more difficult for them to resist doing a poo in that position, but my ds (2.5 - hers 1.5) is too strong for me to do this.

Mae1 Mon 15-May-06 12:48:28

Would definitely recommend leaving your DS on Movicol long term. MY dd1 was on it for over 12mths before we eventually weaned her off. Every time we tried previously we seemed to go straight back to square one - she'd hold on, get constipated and in pain and the circle started over again! The advice I was given (which turned out to be excellent advice) was leave her on the Movicol - adjust the dosage as you see fit (she was on 2 sachets a day) and EVENTUALLY wean off - by dropping to 1 a day and then every other day, then a few times a week - to then nothing. My daughter was tormented by the "poo saga" for nearlly 2 years - and she is proof that Movicol works - as long as it's taken correctly!
Good luck

GraceB Mon 15-May-06 14:52:25

Hi, my DD has also had trouble with constipation and witholding poo. After trying lactulose without much sucess I give her sunsweet prune juice diluted with water as her first drink every morning, and then diluted orange juice to drink during the day. This really seems to work for her, I have tried other types of prune juice but had real trouble getting her to drink it, the sunsweet stuff tastes nicer and doesn't give her tummy gripes. Have also tried dried apricots cut into little pieces and told her they were sweeties! She likes these very much. Hope you find something that helps.

spangles Mon 15-May-06 20:22:20

Thanks for replies... been back to Drs today and have been told to keep him on movicol long term and then wean him off it (just like you said Mae1. Will also try the prune juice and Dried apricot advice... DS will drink orange juice so will try these tips and hope it helps. thanks again

tallmummy Mon 15-May-06 20:29:36

Have just come through a month long bout of constipation with ds4. Struggled to go but could only produce rock solid, very painful poohs. Has your DS had anti biotics recently? My HV mentioned that the anti biotics kill good gut bacteria and muck up the system. She recommended probiotic drinks or live yoghurt. It seems to have worked. Hope you get it sorted soon poor little chap.

Mirage Mon 15-May-06 20:37:52

dd1 who is 2.5 doesn't drink enough & often gets constipated.We tried a fruit based remedy called Ortisan & it is great-very gentle.It is safe for children 2 & over & they take 1/8 or 1/4 of a cube.It tates of fruit & dd1 liked it.We had results within 12 hours.

eidsvold Tue 16-May-06 03:15:56

something that i mix up for dd1 - 1 ripe pear, 2 pitted prunes - chopped, tea spoon of brown sugar - stew and then when soft puree. I then add water nad make it into a juice drink.

spangles Mon 22-May-06 18:05:44

THANKS FOR MORE REPLIES.. DS hasnt had antibiotics.. the constipation came after a bout of the runs which lasted a week and a half. he is still on movicol... 1 sachet a day and that seems to be doing the trick. will just have to wait and see what happens. thanks again

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