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Help.. Ear infection

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Mrcrumpswife Wed 10-Apr-13 15:00:54

I've had an ear infection for 2 weeks now and taken amoxycillin which hasnt worked and a course of clarithromycin which also hasnt worked. I've just phoned the G.P surgery to get swab results and its come back showing infection with the advice to carry on until Friday then ring if its no better.

My ear drum has perforated, i cant chew food because its affected my jaw, i cant sleep or lie on it and am taking so many pain killers i'm having to write it down in case i overdosesad

There's loads of bright yellow fluid coming out now so the bleeding has stopped but it feels as though i've got little spiders running around my ear and the pain and total deafness is driving me mad.

Is there anything herbal i can try or other methods to clear it. I'm so unhappy and frustrated because i really thought the swab results would mean i would finally get a treatment that workssad I already knew i had an infection so the chirpy receptionist wasnt telling me anything i didnt already know!

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