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are they too young to make it up?? Please advise!

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Helsbels Mon 26-Jan-04 09:07:41

My ds 2.4 has just had chicken pox (2 and a half weeks ago the first spots came out - he went back to nursery last Monday as they had all dried up)It was quite a nasty case and he was quite poorly. Since 10 days ago he has been complaining of a headache, always in the same place above his right temple and back over his ear. I took him to the gp last Thursday, he said although it was an unusual sympton, he thought it was swollen glands in his head and related to chicken pox. By Friday, ds was crying at intervals and touching his head so I rang the local childrens hospital and asked for advice. They said give nurofen and calpol and if no better by Monday, see the gp again. Over the weekend we saw a big improvement with no complaints. This morning, we have had sobbing, pointing to his head saying it hurts, in the same place again. He was also saying he didn't like nursery (he has always loved it). Could he be making up symptoms to stay at home? Nursery say he has complained sporadically there but has no other problems. I am tempted to believe them as they are all lovely and genuinely concerned for his welfare. Any ideas? Should I take him back to GP and insist on a referral?

twiglett Mon 26-Jan-04 09:24:07

message withdrawn

princesspeahead Mon 26-Jan-04 09:27:20

I'm sure he isn't making anything up, I'd say he was too young, especially to be so specific about where the pain is, and to always be showing it in the same place. I would take him back to the gp. I assume he looked in his ears last time? Hmmm, no other thoughts as to what it could be, but definitely take him back like the children's hosp suggested. Good luck, hope the poor little thing improves soon!

doormat Mon 26-Jan-04 09:43:20

Helsbels I dont think he could make it up and there is some great advice here.
hope he gets beter soon

Helsbels Mon 26-Jan-04 09:52:27

Thanks - I think I will call nursery and see if he has complained agian and if so phone the gps. It is quite worrying although he has no other symptoms so I don't think it is anything sinister - thanks again

Blu Mon 26-Jan-04 10:32:00

My 2.5 year-old had bad flu before Xmas, and once recovered had a very clear script for all the things he knew we were very concerned about, and we have had a couple of weeks of fake coughing, sudden hunger attacks to delay bedtime, and various pop-up symptoms developing as soon as something didn't suit him. He also (understandably)found it hard to adjust from all the attention and being nursed and cuddled by us taking time off work. However, infections and ear infections are nasty and insidious things, so I wouldn't risk it without getting it checked.

Helsbels Mon 26-Jan-04 10:41:24

Thanks Blu, he is doing the bedtime delay routine. Also, is very clingy and cuddly (which I don't mind - I love a cuddle!!)Have just phoned nursery and spoken to his primary nurse. She says he is okay and has stopped complaining but is still not himself and keeps asking for a cuddle. Even his best mate is not enough to lure him away from a hug. I will call the GP later. DH has just phoned from work complaining of a headache too, though so that made me feel a bit better - maybe it is a virus?

SofiaAmes Mon 26-Jan-04 22:23:27

Helsbels, it is not uncommon to get terrible headaches with some viruses. In my early 20's I had a series of stress related viruses (glandular fever, pithoriasis rosea (sp?)) over a period over several years and got terrible terrible headaches that could only be calmed with major painkillers (the kind they give you after operations). Chicken pox is a virus and it is perfectly possible that your ds could still be suffering the after effects which include a bad headache. It doesn't sound to me like your ds is making it up. Having said that, I don't think there is actually any cure for virus related headaches except time and rest. And nurofen and calpol for pain. Probably not really worth insisting on a referral unless it continues for more than a few weeks.

robinw Tue 27-Jan-04 06:47:39

message withdrawn

Helsbels Tue 27-Jan-04 09:08:02

Hi everyone, thanks for your messages. Things took a turn yesterday lunch when nursery called and asked me to go for him. Apparantely he was in terrible pain. They gave him calpol and I took him to the gps on an emergency appointment. When I arrived at nursery, however, he was singing and dancing. Calpol working? I don't know but the gp was lovely and has referred him to a neurologist just to be on the safe side. He also prescribed antiboitics in case it was a deep seated infection. He seems a lot brighter this morning so I will see how he goes on today. Obviously if he is better by the time the appt comes through, I will cancel it. He started crying a bit when dh left him this morning which is unusual but I think the illness has made him a bit mardy. Thanks again and to you RobinW for doing a search for me!

Blu Tue 27-Jan-04 10:53:25

And, just cos it's something we had a very nasty scare with, have you had your boiler serviced recently? Headaches and feeling 'flu-like and poorly are a symptom of Carbon Monoxide and fumes....
It does sound as if he is still feeling head-achey...hope he starts getting better.

Helsbels Tue 27-Jan-04 10:56:49

Yes - our boiler was serviced very recently and we have cm detectors, thanks. I've just called nursery and they say he seems much happier - perhaps it was an infection and the antibiotics are starting to work. Fingers crossed .

robinw Wed 28-Jan-04 09:28:39

message withdrawn

robinw Sat 31-Jan-04 10:31:38

message withdrawn

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