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Slapped cheek disease

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essbee Sat 13-May-06 00:05:57

Message withdrawn

rickman Sat 13-May-06 00:08:18

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 13-May-06 00:10:12

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Sat 13-May-06 00:13:18

Here you go, Essbee

essbee Sat 13-May-06 00:13:38

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 13-May-06 00:17:21

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 13-May-06 14:13:25

Message withdrawn

Freckle Sat 13-May-06 14:20:55

DS3 had this recently and, once the cheeks are red, the infectious stage is over. I would think you would be fine to take her out today. Even if it were still infectious, it is such a mild disease that it is highly unlikely there would be any unwelcome consequences, iyswim.

essbee Sat 13-May-06 14:23:46

Message withdrawn

Freckle Sat 13-May-06 14:42:19

General consensus is that most adults have had it - usually in childhood and often without realising it. If the mother has had it, there is no risk to an unborn child.

I appreciate that there might be a pregnant woman out there who hasn't had it, but I suspect the possibility is extremely remote.

essbee Sat 13-May-06 14:43:36

Message withdrawn

Freckle Sat 13-May-06 14:45:20

If you are still worried, head somewhere remote - walk along a riverbank, country park where you can run away if you see a pregnant woman .

hunkermunker Sun 14-May-06 10:26:05

Freckle, it's not just pregnant women who haven't had it who need to be careful.

I hadn't had it. I got it when I was 22, developed postviral arthritis and for the next two years, couldn't walk without pain. I had DLA and an orange badge, it was that bad!

essbee Sun 14-May-06 10:33:46

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Sun 14-May-06 10:38:18

Yes, fine - knees get a bit sore if I'm run down, which scares me, but am fine. I just now from experience that this "harmless childhod disease" isn't always harmless and it makes me a bit shouty about it sometimes Glad you had a good day.

reiver Sun 14-May-06 21:19:24

Snap hunkermunker! I had the postviral arthritis too for about six months and know just how miserable it was. This was about 12 years ago now though.

However, have been thinking about it this last week as DD has been quite unwell & out of sorts and we couldn't work out the cause - nor could the GP by the way. She's then had the red cheeks and we noticed that some of her joints are red and warm particularly when she's tired.

hunkermunker Mon 15-May-06 12:33:43

Mine was 8 years ago now.

Have never "met" anyone else who's had it - hello! Has your DD had a rash? Hope she's OK.

I know they say you can't remember pain, but that, I can - excrutiating!

reiver Mon 15-May-06 20:08:31

Thought I was the only one to have a strange reaction so good to know I'm not alone. Totally agree about the pain too.
Thanks for asking about DD - she's much better & back at school but cheeks still flushing at times & joints are warm when she gets tired. She did have a slight rash so don't know whether it was slapped cheek or a similar reaction to another virus?

robinpud Mon 15-May-06 20:11:12

I had this just after ds was born. It took 4 doctors to diagnose it and by that time the sweling on my face was so bad i couldn't open my eyes properly and my mum had to come and look after the kids as I looked like the elephant woman. Gp said it was the worst case he had ever seen but didn't have any joint pain.

cupcakes Mon 15-May-06 20:18:08

My ds had this in December - the school insisted that he was kept away until the rash had faded, regardless of medical advice. From their point of view there are often a lot of pregnant mothers at the school and they weren't prepared to risk it.
Unbeknownst to me I fell pg within a week or two of him catching it and later miscarried. Of course I'll never know if it was linked but nonetheless I would be careful of where you choose to take her.

reiver Tue 16-May-06 19:59:16

Oh cupcakes, I'm so sorry for you.

Agree with you about keeping them well away from others which is why DD was kept at home for over a week as I didn't want to take chances. Trouble is she's still experiencing a reaction to the virus which can go on for some time even though she's not infectious. Checked again with the doctor today to be sure though. Hope others will think twice after reading your post.

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