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IBS - worried I'm going to poo myself all the time (50/50 a psychological problem but one I'm struggling to deal with...) - sorry long.

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plipplops Tue 09-Apr-13 21:44:39

I've had IBS since I was at school (so 20 odd years now). It's got worse and better through the years but is really really affecting my life at the moment. I worry constantly that I'm going to have diarrhoea when I'm in a situation where I can't get to the toilet, which then gets me all worked up and makes me more likely to need a poosad. I take immodium most days (up to 4 a day), often as a preventative (so I can tell myself that I couldn't poo if I wanted to so I need to get over it). If anyone asks me to do anything my first thought is always how I can cope if I need a poo. I can't be a passenger in a car as I worry that if I suddenly need a poo somehow if I'm driving I can get to the nearest toilet (or pull over somewhere or something). If I get stuck in a traffic jam (or sometimes just at traffic lights) I start to panic. I didn't go out to dinner with new work colleagues recently as the thought of getting a taxi 25 mins each way is too much. Need to go to the loo at least twice before leaving the house, and then need to leave straight away as if I'm made to wait (or DH is faffing about) I'll usually go again. I couldn't travel on a bus with no loo (esp if it might get stuck in traffic), as even the waiting at a bus stop would be impossible. I would never go on the London Eye (it's an odd example but it's the best I can think of) as being stuck somewhere so public would be awful. At the cinema/theatre/gigs when I know they're going to be finishing soonish I get really panicked at the thought of everyone leaving together and there being a huge queue for the toilet with me desperate to go.

I just don't know what to do about it. I'm training for a new job and DH is looking for a new job, so things are perhaps more stressful at home than they have been for the last few years but there's nothing I can do about that I just need to get on with it. DD is 5 and after she was born I was quite a bit better - I think maybe to do with the fact that a) she needed me to just do whatever she needed so I couldn't think about myself so much, and b) with babies you spend a lot of time in toilets changing nappies so I could usually find an excuse to leave/go to the loo/not go out at all.

If any of you have managed to stick with me and read all that, firstly thank you, and secondly if you have any bright ideas about how I can get on with my life I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

idiot55 Tue 09-Apr-13 21:55:43

I completly understand where you are coming from,

firstly has your GP sugested anything to help? I know for me my IBS is worse when Im stressed adn maybe approaching it from that angle would help, maybe some CBT? may help a bit.

I really hope you get some help

plipplops Tue 09-Apr-13 22:03:12

Thanks, I've tried hypnotherapy (twice ) and it didn't reslly help, the second time she did a bit of CBT type stuff which helped a tiny tiny bit at the time (which was about 6 years ago), but we paid privately both times. It definitely feels like more of a psychological problem than a physical one iykwim, so yes therapy of some kind might help. I just feel really pathetic, and also it's horrible as it's such a personal and embarrassing thing (to say no you can't give me a lift somewhere etc as I'm paranoid I'm going to feel like I need a poo) that I have to keep it a secret. Obvs DH knows, and my sister and mum but that's it really. If I've absolutely got to be somewhere and I'm worried I usually preempt it by saying I feel really sick, as somehow saying I have to go to the toilet to throw up is better than saying I have to poo!blush What a loser...

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