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Spotting/ bleeding between periods. What to do?

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Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 02:25:04

This is a new-ish thing & I'm not sure what, if anything, I should do about it. I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus & Fribo/ ME so it may be to do with those. Or not, I don't know.

For the last 3 months, I have been bleeding between periods. Twice, it has been so much that I though my period had come early but then it stopped a day or 2 later. Often, it's not that heavy but still noticeable & lasts for days.

My periods have always been highly irregular (anything from 25 - 90+ days) but no-one has ever been concerned about that. My cycle is now around 30-35 days but I am bleeding much more heavily each time than I ever have in the past & have this extra bleeding in between as well.

GW297 Tue 09-Apr-13 02:58:39

You need to go to your GP and explain you've been having inter menstrual bleeding for at least 3 months. They will probably do a quick initial examination there and then and then refer you to the practise nurse for some tests.

Then you will probably be referred to a gynaecologist as there are lots of things it could be PCOS, endo...

I had a similar thing and have found out I have a cyst on one of my ovaries that needs to be monitored and a polyp which needs to be removed. I also have a spot on my cervix which they are monitoring.

I was scared but the staff were lovely and it's better than being worried, bleeding all the time and being in pain.

mirai Tue 09-Apr-13 03:08:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 03:22:22

Oh, really? sad My GP sees far too much of me as it is. I need to have a smear done - can I talk to the nurse about it? Or my rheumatologist?

I was bleeding after sex too - quite a lot & bright red. I don't know now because I'm no longer with DP!

mirai Tue 09-Apr-13 04:01:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 07:39:25

Ugh, I really don't want to see my GP about it! Every day it happens, I convince myself it is a one-off and won't happen again. But it does

GW297 Tue 09-Apr-13 09:48:36

I was the same! But then I got scared and finally went to the doctors when I realised it probably wasn't going to go away on its own. The pain got worse too and i felt sick and dizzy. My GP was really nice, patient and understanding and the gynaecologist and the nurses at the hospital have been so caring and helpful too. You'll feel better after you talk to the nurse at your smear. Bleeding once a month is bad enough without any more.

Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 11:28:03

What was causing yours, GW? I've got enough health problems without this as well!

GW297 Tue 09-Apr-13 11:49:58

A uterine polyp they reckon - its being removed at the beginning of May. Scared as never been in hospital before but sometimes I am in so much pain and I'm so fed up with the bleeding! I sympathise - it's worrying.

Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 12:42:47

Eeek, I'm scared now. I might pop into the drs to see if they have a female one who can see me. It's impossible to know when to book my smear because my periods are so unpredictable & with bleeding in between, I have no idea when i'll be ok to have it done <fret>

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 09-Apr-13 12:58:17


Doubt very much this is anything to do with lupus or fibro.

Please be brave and seek medical advice asap. You should not have to put up with this at all. Three months of this is more than enough to put up with. Bleeding between periods should always be checked out to ascertain the underlying cause; its not often serious (cervical erosion as others have mentioned can cause this to arise) but it needs to be checked all the same.

The GP should refer you to a gynae for further evaluation.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 09-Apr-13 12:59:11

I had a uterine polyp which caused abnormal bleeding to arise.

Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 15:25:08

Thank you - I was brave and made an appointment for next week (earliest they could do & I didn't think it counted as urgent).

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 09-Apr-13 16:35:26

Good on you for making an appt. Do keep us updated.

GW297 Tue 09-Apr-13 17:08:58

Well done that's the first step. You'll feel so much better when you've been. I saw a female GP and she was lovely. Please don't be too scared - it could be something minor and easy to sort.

GW297 Tue 09-Apr-13 17:09:32

Attila - did you have it removed via hysteroscopy? Are you ok now?

drjohnsonscat Tue 09-Apr-13 17:17:25

Just posting to say the same thing is happening to me. I'm 44 though so could also be perimeno. Bleeding started as breakthrough bleeding but has built up so is now 14 days of bleeding then two weeks off then start again.

My useless GP has at least done the basic tests but they are not completed yet (long story). I've had blood tests though I think these will have to be redone because of his uselessness, smear test (clear) and am awaiting a pelvic ultrasound (needs to be done on day 5 but I haven't a hope in hell of knowing when that is and the system doesn't seem to be able to cope with my sort of unpredictable cycle so whenever I'm on day 1 I call and they tell me all the appointments are fully booked hmm - gone round this circle four times now).

I've had one scan already but need to have another - scanner thought it was possibly a polyp but will find out more when I actually have the full tests through.

namechange917381 Tue 09-Apr-13 17:24:54

Similar thing here, spotting started 10 days before period is due. Mine was very light though, more of a pink/brown discharge. Stopped after a couple days. Made an appointment to get it checked out but am a bit worried about finding out tbh. My cycles have always been very regular and no spotting ever. Not been on the pill for about 8 years. confused

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 09-Apr-13 17:50:16

It was found whilst the surgeon was looking for endometriosis; it was removed by lap surgery. That causes no further problems now.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 09-Apr-13 18:36:26

I had this, the gp had a quick look and said she wasn't sure what it was.

The gynae appt came through in about 10 days and he took a polyp off my cervix, pathology report came back clear. No anaesthetic and I didn't feel a thing.

It bled again the next month but nothing afterwards.

Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 18:54:16

drjohnsonscat, I won't know when day five is either hmm. Is there any way round that? I'm 35 but have wondered if it could be linked to menopause, a bit early perhaps.

Fluffy, that sounds quite positive.

I don't know why I'm so worried about this. I think it might be the intrusive nature of the examination. I've been desperately hoping for some sort of 'proper' physical illness but this wasn't what I had in mind! Be careful what you wish for.

GW297 Tue 09-Apr-13 19:28:45

Grockle - I feel the same. Thanks for starting this thread. I meant to do something similar. It's reassuring to know we're not alone.

Fluffy - thank you for posting that, it's made me feel lots better. Sounds like you got swift and good care. Peri menopause is another possibility.

Attila - thank you for responding to my question. Glad you got it sorted.

I have ultrasounds but no one mentioned a specific day in my cycle. They just need to know what date my last period started so they can decide what is normal and not on the scans.

Sad that some GPs aren't as thorough and supportive as mine it seems. I hope those concerned are able to change doctors and get the treatment they need and the standard of care they deserve.

Grockle Tue 09-Apr-13 19:39:36

It is very reassuring to know that lots of people have been through this, isn't it? I should have started this thread weeks ago instead of fretting quietly to myself.

It's also nice to know that other people feel a bit uncomfortable about it as well & it's very helpful to know what other GPs did. I've never seen the one I am going to see next week so I don't know what she's like. Out of interest, how long was the wait from seeing GP to consultant?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 09-Apr-13 19:41:55

Mine was about 10 days.

Honestly it was nothing.

GW297 Tue 09-Apr-13 20:10:39

6 weeks

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