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Help for eczema on hands, please

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PinkyCheesy Sun 07-Apr-13 20:57:58

My friend suffers from awful eczema, mostly on her hands, probably because she's always washing up /cleaning/ etc (a bit of a germ freak!) Anyway her skin is cracked and bleeding and makes life pretty tricky for her. We were out the other day with our kids and she had trouble tying a shoelace because of the pain hmm

I do nag her to see doctor again but she only ever seems to get steroid cream, which she doesn't like using because it's steroid. I think the eczema is re-infecting itself over again and not healing. But I am not a medic! Anyone got any alternative remedies I can suggest to her? She isn't terribly good at taking care of stuff like this (eg terrible cracked heels in summer and laughs when I suggest filing and moisturising), she's girly in lots of ways but doesn't think mere skin is important! I would love to see her hands back to looking nice again smile

olivertheoctopus Sun 07-Apr-13 21:02:45

I use Epaderm ointment (on prescription) which is v good.

babanouche Sun 07-Apr-13 23:44:38

Yes, I second epiderm - best thing I've found for my son. Slather it on. If her skin's getting infected then she'll probably need fucidin which is hydrocort with antibiotic in it.

And why doesn't she wear marigolds when she's cleaning? Madness!

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