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thistlelicker Sun 07-Apr-13 16:15:26

I've had a migraine since yesterday! I've had tramadol. Paracetamol. Diclofenac and an abtihistimine I've had prescribed for migraines. It won't go away.... Can anybody suggest anything
Further to take? I've taken these meds over the course of the day staggering them so I'm not over dosing myself . Thanks in advance

Queenofknickers Sun 07-Apr-13 16:32:24

Something with triptan in - I have prescription for wafers but think some of the migralieve brand have sumatriptan in too but check with pharmacist. Nothing else shifts mine - I feel your pain hmm

thistlelicker Sun 07-Apr-13 17:54:46

Everywhere closed now! Will have to ride it out now. Thanks for replying x

anonymosity Mon 08-Apr-13 06:19:06

Herbal teas, cold flannel for your forehead, dark room - no tv or bright lights from computers or phones. Relaxing bath if possible.

take lots and LOTS of water with the meds - they can actually have the opposite effect if you don't have enough.

thistlelicker Mon 08-Apr-13 07:04:56

I ended up having a hot bath! All the meds I took I ended up very sleepy! Went to bed early too! Had a decent sleep but headache there not as severe as
Migraine yet

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