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Possible early menopause?

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loveclouds Fri 05-Apr-13 17:54:22

I was on here last month as convinced I was pregnant, late period and all the signs. Period came late and was very light and lasted only a few days. This month I was due yesterday, normally I have a brown stringy show for a few days before but not this month. Last night I had a bit of red blood and today nothing except watery brown on tissue when I wipe. I have been feeling a little dizzy plus other signs of pregnancy. Bloated tummy and look pregnant. I bought a boots test and negative so just wondering why my period is acting like this and symptoms. Could it be early menopause. I am 34 and always have heavy periods, but lately they are so light and short. I kind of thought that maybe last month I was pregnant and this month this bit of blood was just because it was around the time I am due. I thought I may have been 8 weeks, I am usually bloated around 8 weeks and get dizzy, funny taste in mouth etc like I am now. But I would def get a positive test at 8 weeks.
Any advice would be appreciated.

anonymosity Sat 06-Apr-13 02:22:05

I don't know that it would necessarily be something so drastic as an early menopause, but I would say that as time marches on, the old period does change a fair bit - and it can swing in the direction of being heavier, lighter, shorter or longer.
Have you taken a pg test, to rule that out as a possibility?

loveclouds Sat 06-Apr-13 11:06:00

yes i did a boots one yesterday and was negative but period still not started, had some watery brown on tissue last night, night before that some blood. but nothing today. normally i have stringy discharge foe few days before my period starts, not a bit of red blood, nothing then this watery brown? maybe i am now just have really really light periods. should not complain i guess!

digerd Sat 06-Apr-13 18:16:34

It sounds more like a pregnancy at your age than the menopause.

I do know a woman who had no more periods at 34 and didn't start until 17.
She had a car accident some years later and hurt her back, and her periods returned. Strange things do happen.
But if it is an early menopause, you are most likely to need HRT.

anonymosity Sat 06-Apr-13 19:12:36

Loveclouds, can you get an appt with your GP or at the very least have a chat with the practice nurse? I often find them to be the most helpful with this kind of thing.

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