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Continuous menstral bleeding

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thinkingaboutfostering Fri 05-Apr-13 00:04:21

Ive had continuous bleeding since may/June time last year and its been getting gradually worse.
I started my periods around 12 and all through my teens I had heavy but regular periods. Around my 18th birthday my periods stopped altogether I occasionally had a few spots of blood but nothing more than that. During this time my weight increased. This continued for about two years and then suddenly my periods started again. They were quite light at first and got heavier as time when on. All roughly the same on length. Then around 6 months in in may I came on and have never really come off. I will have a period of it lightening off/maybe stopping for a few days and then suddenly it will come back again really really heavily (like going through a heavy pad in 30 min) there will also be several stringing like blood clots this will go on for a couple of hrs then it will slow to just heavy before lightening off and starting over again . Each 'cycle' seems to last about a fortnight.

I have been prescribed metformin but it doesn't seem to have had much impact so far. Gp doesn't seem to want to take me seriously. I'm not really sure how worried I should be. Anybody have any experience of this or similar?

GW297 Fri 05-Apr-13 01:09:10

See a different doctor. They should refer you to a gynaecologist specialising in menstrual disorders.

MaBumble Fri 05-Apr-13 01:19:43

It could be uterine polyps or fibroids. Benign growths that can knock your hormones out of wack and cause heavy, continious periods and clots. They can be treated with a range of medication. Ask your doctor can he refer you. Tell him that's its really impacting your life. Keep going back until he does! You may also be anemic if your Blood lose is really heavy.

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