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Abnormal Smear some reassuring stories plz

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Maisiemoo13 Thu 04-Apr-13 14:32:27

Hi everyone , got my smear results through as abnormal requiring further investigation and ill soon receive an appointment for a colposcopy ... Slightly stressing about it (bit of an understatement) any stories or info would be good, how long the usual wait for an appointment is , how long for treatment. What the process was for anyone been through the same ... I know this is quite common but can't help but be full of worry

Andcake Thu 04-Apr-13 16:11:46

I've had 2 colposcpies one where they detected some bad cells and I then had a cone biopsy. The other almost 10 years later where the colposcopy showed everything was good and it was all fine and i was just told to continue having yearly smears. It's scary but better to have it checked out. A colposcopy is just a slightly more intrusive smear always leaves me with bad period pains (dont go back to work like i did) the cone biopsy was not nice but under local anaesthetic and took a few days to recover from (then no sex for a month).
If they find something wrong I believe they act quickly. It is scary as you imagine the worst and the big c word but I think the majority of time they are being cautious. Try not to worry- its good that things are found.hoe that helps a little.

digerd Thu 04-Apr-13 16:15:48

They overlooked mine, decades ago, and got a letter reminding me to make an urgent appt 18 months after my last smear was abnormal !!
I too had the cone biopsy over 30 years ago, and it never returned.

Frogman Thu 04-Apr-13 16:43:01

I've been there and had the laser treatment. Then I realised that a few people I knew had too. That was 15 years ago. Everyone I know who has gone on to have treatment for smear test issues has had very successful treatment.

The problem is if you don't have smears or don't follow the treatment plan.

happymundanes Thu 04-Apr-13 17:06:56

The fact that you are in the system and having a colposcopy means you don't have to worry because you will definitely not be allowed to develop anything that cannot be 100% effectively treated.

I had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and was worried too. They looked at my cervix and saw enough 'bad' cells to warrant the biopsy. Biopsy results are classified as grade 1 to 3. Mine were level 1 and I just have to go for another smear in 1 year when it is highly likely the changes will have righted themselves and I won't need anything else done.

It's natural to worry, but you are doing all the right things.

missymarmite Fri 05-Apr-13 20:16:28

I had a colposcopy following abnormal smear. They were lovely and although it was unpleasant it wasn't traumatic. As a result I was diagnosed with CIN3 and had to return to hospital at a later date to have a large loop excision under general as it was quite extensive. It wasn't nice, but at least I know it's been dealt with and I'll have annual smears from now on. Get someone to take you. A bit of moral support is a must. All the best. Hope it goes well for you xxx

Maisiemoo13 Fri 05-Apr-13 22:39:38

Than you ladies lots of information here, at least I know roughly what to expect although, got my appointment through for two weeks time, very quick so at least I won't be waiting and worrying for too long

Andcake Sat 06-Apr-13 12:03:36

Ooh just a note for those who perhaps haven't finished their families yet if you've had a biopsy do remember to let a mw know when you're pregnant as their is a slim chance it can cause problems. I just had extra cervical length scans etc to check all very reassuring. IT can lead to v rare cervical incompetence and slightly more likely either a v fast or v slow labour.

Lucyellensmum95 Sat 06-Apr-13 12:16:04

I was CIN3 too, i had the loop exision at the time of the biopsy, some of the cells were cancerous but they were confident that they had removed everything. I had a second colposcopy and biopsy which confirmed that everthing was clear. I then had another smear done the colposcopy clinic six months later - yearly smears for 12 years and now back on 3 yearly recall. All the treatment was carried out under local at the colposcopy clinic, i even got to watch it on the tv screen confused It was uncomfortable but no more uncomfortable than a smear test. Period pains afterwards - i would be ready with the paracetemol and ibruprofen to take the edge off - i went shoe shopping after my biopsy grin

So mine was quite an advanced stage but still treated simply and effectively and wasn't unduly worried because i knew/know several people in similar situations and they were all absolutely fine too. I can be quite evangelical about regular smears and have been known to nag friends and work colleagues, im still stunned about people not having this done as it means any changes can be caught early enough that treatment is a breeze.

Two weeks from now, you'll be sorted xxx

Lucyellensmum95 Sat 06-Apr-13 12:17:45

Oh and i went on to have a second DD after my treatment with no problems at all.

Lucyellensmum95 Sat 06-Apr-13 12:20:46

oh and yes, maisy is right, you need someone to take you as it is quite common to get a bit faint and shakey after any interferance with the cervix. Usually this passes fairly quickly though - i was fine the first time but pretty shakey the second time (which actually was a more straight forward procedure) and I had to get my dad to go and buy me some coke while i waited in the reception area.

Maisiemoo13 Sat 06-Apr-13 16:18:26

Hi Lucyellensmum thank you it's good to know that even though yours was more advanced that it was all dealt with successfully just have to wait and see what stage mine is at.. My partner is going to come with me will be sure and take a sugary bottle of coke with me thanks for the tip! smile

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