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Shingles questions

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BasketzatDawn Wed 03-Apr-13 23:10:12

From my study over this evening with dear Dr Google, I reckon I have a mild case of shingles. I am on high dose steroids, so increased risk of it, but I think i became aware of mild rash (no more than a few blisters on one arm, around elbow bend) about Sat or Sunday. Because it's so mild, (only a vague hot pain with at present a line of only 3 or 4 blisters), I didn't really twig till tonight. i've been feeling crap, headachey and mildly fluish, but that kind of goes with the illness I have anyway. So i've been a bit slow to diagnose.

My questions are: If it doesn't get worse, do i need ot see a doctor? it is so inconsequential, I feel it's quite trivial really. What might happen in the future though? Will I be prone ot further attacks? Will this be elsewhere in my body or always along the same nerve line? If this is as bad as it gets, then I feel I've been very lucky really.

I reckon I am too late for antivirals, and it seems from the reading I've been doing the steroids I am on may have helped reduce the attack. Which seems a little perverse in the cirumstances. But, hey, i am not complaining!

I am aware of the risk to others. I do know all the family who are living here have had a decent dose of chickenpox, so are immune. I have a friend who is immunosuppressed and will speak to her about whether she's had chickenpox. Luckily, the cold weather means my lesion is covered up anyway. Anything else to consider?

cocolepew Wed 03-Apr-13 23:17:22

I think you have to have the anti virals within 72 hours. If it is on your face and goes near your eye it can be very dangerous and needs to be monitored.

I've had them in the same place 3 years in a row. I still get pain in the area in cold weather and the itch where they were drives me bonkers!

BasketzatDawn Wed 03-Apr-13 23:26:38

What i did read is that you can't spread them around your own body, so as it's nowhere near my eyes (my arm) I'm not concenred about my eyes at present. obvs I would go to GP pronto if eyes were affected. I would like to know/be reassured that if you've had them on one place, can you get them elsewhere in a future attack? I need to sleep now,as only a few hours till 'steroid o' clock' (anyone on high dose will know what i mean ....) I may phone NHS 24 tomorrow and ask. i think the first blister appeared more than 72 hrs ago. I just didn't think till today. aargh!

cocolepew Wed 03-Apr-13 23:33:37

You can get them in other places. My first lot were on my face, though the next 3 times were around the same place on my back.

I had anti virals the first time but it made no difference in my opinion.
You can't spread them though they can spread all over your body if you get a really bad dose.

Fingers crossed this is all you will have smile.

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