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Should I go to to gp????? Chronic pain under right rib cage..

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Amani Wed 03-Apr-13 16:41:00

...feel like I need my on parking slot at surgery the amount of times I have been.

Basically I have had this this constant pain on the right hand side under rib cage, for the two months. First time I went to gp, he said I had acid reflux and prescribed me omeprazol. Took it for a week, felt worse, went back to gp, who sent me to the hospital for an emergency scan as he thought it was my gall bladder. Scan showed nothing. Had a gastroscopy earlier on in the month and ct scan, but my consultant is on a leave and won't be back for a fortnight to look at the results. Been to see gp about the pain, who basically said I can't do anything for you until the consultant has seen your result - keep taking paracetamol..which doesn't help. Hospital secretary said there is no other consultant who can see your results so you have to wait for consltant to return for him to see your results...which I doubt he will see first thing as soon as he returns and god knows when my appointment to see him will come through.....mean while am in constant agony, can't eat, hurts like mad under right rib cage, cant sleep at night, feel like I have glass in my digestive system....where do I go???sad

Amani Fri 26-Apr-13 21:03:04

No diagnosis as yet...had ct scan for chest, pelvic and abdomen and clear (relief) however still in Pain. Been told it MIGHT be an issue with spynter (spelling?). Been prescribed a course of mebeverine and amitriptline (sp?) as well as painkillers galore. Awaiting a imagining test to see how things are working in digestive basically two months on from when pain diagnosis sad.....
Been googling myself silly....think I hAve ovarian issues that might be causing this....someone tell me to sop it!!!...

Amani Fri 26-Apr-13 21:05:25

Oh been on those mess for a change...

MmeThenardier Fri 26-Apr-13 22:13:19

Could the pain be musculoskeletal?

Are you still suffering with vomiting?

Does anything help it/make it worse?

Did it start suddenly or gradually?

Stop googling. On the good side if scans and bloods are normal there is nothing too serious.

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