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Abcess and neuralgia, any dentists who can advise?

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Evenstar Wed 03-Apr-13 09:35:39

I was referred urgently in February to have a tooth removed due to it being damaged and decayed, I have tri-geminal neuralgia so my dentist felt I should have it done at the oral surgery department of our local hospital under sedation or anaesthetic as the tooth being touched at all is one of the triggers for the neuralgia. The appointment has come through for 15th April, but over the Easter weekend I had to attend an emergency clinic due to severe toothache which had triggered my neuralgia. All they could do was give me antibiotics and painkillers.

I rang my dentist yesterday morning, and was told to contact the hospital and see whether they could move me up the list. The hospital said they would see what they could do, but have not contacted me. I had to ring the doctor this morning due to the severe pain from my neuralgia, all he has been able to do is give me more painkillers. He said he can't get me reprioritised as it is dental.

I am at my wits end with the pain, I am not sleeping properly, every time I go outside the door for a second or two I am in agony as the cold wind triggers the neuralgia. I can only eat mashed food in small quantities. Is there any point calling my dentist again or though I can ill afford it is there anywhere I could go privately and just get this dealt with. I am very stressed and my partner is waiting to get results of tests he is having for a very serious illness, I feel as if I can't give him the support he needs and he is having to look after me instead, as I daren't drive with the amount of codeine I am being prescribed. I don't know what to do.

Thanks in advance.

differentnameforthis Wed 03-Apr-13 09:43:52

You can go privately, you just need to ask for a referral to a private practice. But I would also try the hospital again, tell them you haven't heard back & the pain is getting worse.

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