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worried about dads drinking

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sannaville Mon 01-Apr-13 11:43:35

My dad has type 2 diabetes on insulin, he's overweight and has recently lost about 10kg through diet so he's doing well. However what concerns me is his drinking and has done for some time. I'd say he's a fairly heavy drinker, drinks every night of week. Last weekend I stayed there we had lunch out at midday and he had a pint and bottle of red wine to himself, he then went home ans carried on drinking vodka and tonic.

He will usually have couple beers in afternoon at weekend then will polish half bottle of vodka with tonic . Or half bottle of gin with tonic.

His mood swings are horrific I think linked to his blood sugar levels but can't pin down if he's worse before a drink or after. He tends to drink so much he gets so tired and falls asleep!

Mum knows its a problem but can't male him see sense. What to do and how much of an issue is this? He drives a lot for work and a concern is he will be over limit the next day as he has to drove at 5am sometimes! He's 55.

DeepRedBetty Mon 01-Apr-13 11:48:03

Yes he's drinking too much. But the only person who can do anything about it is himself. Sorry to sound a bit bleak here. I assume your mum and health professionals will have told him what the effect of his consumption could be, but most addicts think it won't happen to them, that they'll be part of the percentage that don't suffer from cirrhosis, liver/kidney failure etc etc.

sannaville Mon 01-Apr-13 11:54:39

Thanks deep, my mum has even watered down his vodka and gin bottles so his measures aren't as strong! Mum spoke to his diabetes nurse behind his back to get her to have a word but didn't work.
I had an awful weekend there where I felt me and kids were treading on eggshells the whole time its made me not want to visit again which makes me really sad as I love my dad to bits. He has a high pressure job and is at director level so he has a good amount of stress , I just worry for his health.

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