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Sickness for around 3 weeks now

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cappuccinodays Mon 01-Apr-13 11:12:13

I have had sickness for 3 weeks now and exhaustion..
Yesterday i was sick and then had to remain in bed as the sickness and dizziness was so bad.
No idea what it is and still feel it today, have lost my appetite.
Is there a bug going around at the moment?

tabbycat15 Mon 01-Apr-13 11:21:21

Could you be pregnant? Do you have any pain in your ears as dizziness & sickness can be from an inner ear infection. You do need to see a Dr. Try some rehydrate drinks from the chemist as you need to keep up fluids. Hope you feel better soon. Most gastro bugs only last a few days to a week. You could have some kind of food poisoning like E. coli. Though I'd expect you would have diarrhoea as well. Best to get checked out.

cappuccinodays Mon 01-Apr-13 14:57:04

Hi Tabbycat15
no Im not pregnant.. no man in my life! (I wish)
I do have a bit of diahorreah too, but the sickness is insane, to the point i cant move as I feel so sick.. It is the fact it has gone on so long now. i am fed up of feeling ill! If it doesnt clear up in a few days i'll go to docs

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