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pipsqueakz Fri 29-Mar-13 23:35:39

Why does my womb feel like its about yo explode? I know it won't just feels distended and sore also had sciatica prob all week it hurts to stand straight almost like just after csection when your stitched up its such a tender feeling horrible. Thanks in advance.

Twosugarsplease Sat 30-Mar-13 22:23:00

Hi, hope you haven't waited to long for a reply.
I know the pain you mean I think !
Is it related to period pain too ?
I couldn't stand, it felt like I was going to snap something inside my abdomen, then I passed a (sorry) large solid blood clot.
Since then I get these sharp very Painful twinges if I'm having a heavy period... Could this be the case with you too ?

pipsqueakz Sat 30-Mar-13 22:28:45

Thanks for reply I used to get real heavy periods and doc put me on the merina coil. Bleeding is starting to calm down but these pains are real bad don't know what to do am scared. :-(

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