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Tamoxifen 34 *the power of Sauron*

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MaryAnnSingleton Fri 29-Mar-13 18:35:50

new thread !!!

Sparklerainbow1 Thu 15-Mar-18 20:29:53

Oh my god guys! I just posted on the old thread, and am blown away by how many of you are still posting. Do you remember little old sparkle? How are you all?

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Apr-13 16:16:17

new thread here

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Apr-13 16:08:50

oh yes, get out the capris ! Am sad not to be wearing my flipflops today I must say. Hooray for smears being done and dusted and that copt's is clear -yay !
Have a fabulously lovely weekend sometimes - did dd really say Jack Shit ? (a phrase I love)
My bcn is quite wonderful,I love her.

Sometimesiwonder Fri 26-Apr-13 15:13:25

I did indeed have Nurse Ratchett, Copt, but at least it wasn't Nurse Ratchett's more evil twin, who I had the pleasure of last time. How that speculum didn't emerge out of my throat I don't know....

On the subject of capris - I feel you should, if you have the legs for it <wistful>

Copthallresident Fri 26-Apr-13 15:08:50

gigs Ash Obviously another happy hippy personality type here grin, in fact morphine one of the few things that shuts me up!!

Hope you have an escape plan by evening gigs the pain in the neck sorted

MAS Glad a chat with your bcn helped.

Sometimes Have a great weekend! Did Nurse Ratchett do your smear too? I have only just stopped hurting from mine over a week ago. I managed a clear smear, though, first one not dodgy in twenty years ! So hopefully we are on a roll...

Sparkle Amoena are another company who do bras swimwear and prosthesis. They are American so I suspect you will be able to access them.

Another lovely day here, wondering if I dare put away my cords and get out my capris hmm

Sometimesiwonder Fri 26-Apr-13 14:40:26

Hello all.

Am glad you got some help from the BCN, MAS, she never lets you down, does she?

Just wanted to wish you all a happy weekend (and a safe escape for Gig), before I head off to a posh hotel for the weekend shock assuming they let me in, of course wink. DH did someone a Good Deed and they have bought us a weekend away! Dd is most annoyed because she can't come, and, as she so perceptively pointed out, I did Jack Shit but I'm allowed to go grin

But anyway, I haven't had a whole day off for nearly three weeks, and I am still traumatised from my smear earlier in the week, so I'm off and determined not to feel guilty. ANd I do have to go and see Hamlet at the RSC as part of the package (may fall asleep blush )

Planning to have time to catch up and be properly supportive next week. Much love x

Gigondas Fri 26-Apr-13 13:29:37

So glad she helped- I know my specialist nurse always helps.

Posh croissants sounds good .

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Apr-13 13:28:38

Am back from seeing bcn,we had coffee in the swishy medical conference centre attached to the hospital. She was great as usual and we talked stuff over so I feel a bit more sorted now- don't know what I do without her.
Very delicious croissants here,if anyone would like...

Gigondas Fri 26-Apr-13 13:19:58

Oh homebase-exciting! Am grin at your Liz Taylor experience ash. I just feel all smiley and dreamy so maybe I am more a hippy than a Liz Taylor.

2am call maybe cold call machine?

Jchoc- hope you got some sleep in the end.

Wound redressed - now waiting on mum and dh p,us various other docs

AshokanFarewell Fri 26-Apr-13 10:48:16

MAS how annoying. May have been an accident, I've accidentally phoned people by pressing the wrong button although admittedly not in the wee hours. Or perhaps a drunk friend who wanted a chat then realised you would be asleep! No ideas for the new thread title, sorry, although dancing has featured a lot lately so perhaps something to do with that?

gigs ah yes I remember you mentioning, wasn't sure if you'd been forced to return the badger! I hope they were good company during the night, I just liked the feeling of having someone on my side, even if it was a small bear, although as evidenced, I was completely off my face on morphine for most of my stay grin good that you're feeling a bit better this morning, definitely time for an escape plan.

Morning everyone! I've recently woken up, getting ready for my trip to Homebase... Also have to drop a wee sample off to the surgery, I'm sure they'll be delighted smile I hope everyone is having a similarly exciting morning!

topsyturner Fri 26-Apr-13 09:18:06

<snatches drugs , rolls over , snores some more>

Gigondas Fri 26-Apr-13 08:24:09

Thanks all for the love (and drunk dancing grin). The cuddly toys thing ash I completely get as have the stolen badger and cat here ( I still daren't show mini gig the badger as it makes her so angry If sees it on video phone).

Feeling little better and not too sore- going to work on plan to get out of here

brew For all? Rainy here too.

Wakes up topsy to feed her drugs and brew.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Apr-13 07:50:16

Hope everyone has a good day today - raining here- was woken up by the phone at 2 am...just one ring but bah ! Hope gig isn't feeling too sore and that Dr Penfold can help...
This thread is getting very full so we'll need a new one soon - any suitable names to go with it ?

jchocchip Fri 26-Apr-13 00:49:58

Hmm went for a run before tea then fell asleep on sofa oops nighty night hope you are all asleep.

smee Fri 26-Apr-13 00:32:23

Muffling Topsy's snores and dancing for Gigs to distract her when she can't sleep.

Ash hope you're happily dreaming by now. Happy home base tomorrow.

Night all zzz

AshokanFarewell Fri 26-Apr-13 00:10:52

Gigs I can definitely understand why you're sad and angry, and your post isn't selfish. Do you have a cuddly toy with you still? I remember during my darkest hours I just cuddled my bear and talked to him and that sort of helped me.

I had some rather bizarre morphine delusions. I could hear the nurses talking about how I was the wrong personality type for my NG tube, as it was for Elizabeth Taylor type personalities confused and that's why it wasn't helping and I needed a different personality one confused and I thought to myself, wow that explains everything, once I've got the right personality one I will feel much better hmm then my ex came to visit and brought me some magazines and I got really angry as I thought he had plugged them into me confused

amber that sounds really fun! Have a lovely time smile

I've not got much planned for the weekend, just some knitting and I shall be enjoying lots of ice cream and cold things as my chemo means I can't have anything cold for a week after.

Tomorrow I'm going on an exciting outing to Homebase grin and the pet shop. I'm not allowed in the pet shop unaccompanied as they have this adoption corner with rabbits that no one wanted to buy and I just want to bring them all home sad

smee Thu 25-Apr-13 23:35:02

Slinking in from conference. Still on-going in the bar and I have to go back in a bit as there's a tab on the bar. Just sending hugs to Gigs. Hope dr pain comes up trumps tomorrow.

Waving to all. Back soon when not in la-la land xx

amberlight Thu 25-Apr-13 23:03:27

MAS, grr re friend.
Gigs, hurrah that you're out but boo re pain and feeling urk. Budge over a bit and we can entertain you with some random conversation.
Weekend - oh yes indeed. Just back from late night training course which was fab, and tomorrow off to sunny Weston S-M for a right old knees-up/small collapse with various friends from school. Return monday.

topsyturner Thu 25-Apr-13 23:02:28

Squidge over Gigs
I'll climb in beside you for the night .
And every time your neck hurts , tell me , and I'll make Smee dance for you grin
You have to promise not to punch me if when I snore though ...

The Diorama is complete !
It goes into school tomorrow .
I shall take some pics before it goes and stick them on Facebook .
<there are some frighteningly realistic war faces on some of the soldiers armed with bayonets>

Didn't chop up the denim in the end .
Decided it was too much like hard work .
Just sat in my friends kitchen and ate watched her bake ...

Gigondas Thu 25-Apr-13 22:58:46

Am back in room (gratefully drinking your wine copt) -you do know what about as that 4day post op thing is it.

Am sure will sort neck ouch but am sadangry that now as other stuff ok. Dr pain in tomorrow so he will help.

And the smear is good news Copt. Mas-sorry you missed your df, have you called Bcn?

Sorry v selfish post- what other plans have folk got this weekend? I know amber has some fun planned.

AshokanFarewell Thu 25-Apr-13 22:41:58

Oops sorry cross posted gigs sad sorry you're feeling so rubbish, lots of hand holding from me. I don't know about the baby thing but I definitely had a really awful day about 4 days after my op. I had some very weird gloomy thoughts and I didn't believe I'd ever feel okay again! Can they give you anything else for the pain? Your body has been pulled around and poked and all sorts, not to mention all the emotional stuff so no wonder your reserves are out. Are you back in your room now?

AshokanFarewell Thu 25-Apr-13 22:37:56

cop yay for normal smear test! smile and good for you getting involved, all sounds like a total nightmare.

gigs yay for the op! I hope they can sort the neck soreness out ASAP.

MAS shame about your friend sad at least it wasn't a wasted trip!

Had a very quiet day here today, just working on my report and pottering about.

Copthallresident Thu 25-Apr-13 22:32:44

gigs It is awful, your poor body has had so much to cope with the last few days, not least two lots of GA, When do you get a visit from the lovely pain doctor? In the meantime have some of the very nice Margaret River white wine DH has got his hands on. On my post chemo trip we went to Australia with good friends and it is from the vineyard which had their name, Moss, have not found it in HK or UK since, so savouring memories of red soil and gum trees and kangaroos.

Gigondas Thu 25-Apr-13 22:23:27

grinAt amuse Bouche.

Having my post op anxiety wobble here so can you pass wine and hand hold (dh asleep as gigs up early today). I know it's all ok but my neck hurts (they will review), it makes me feel angsty and high blood pressure here and I want to go home. I know this will pass but it reminds me of that horrid 3/4days blues thing when have baby. I just feel so weepy and have no reserves to cope ATM. And I know I need drugs but they mess with your head too.

Copthallresident Thu 25-Apr-13 22:22:26

The Head of the new school was also told they were disappointed in the school's approach and they could do better grin

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